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Many Coloradans Forced to Repay Thousands of Dollars of Pandemic-based Unemployment Benefits 

— November 5, 2021

State enforcement and collectors make it harder than other collection efforts for the public. Regardless of your situation, you will require the expertise of an attorney.

According to Denver 7 ABC, one Colorado man has now discovered that he now owes over $18,000 in the overpayment of unemployment benefits to the State of Colorado, after receiving unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, this is one of many cases that residents of Colorado are suffering from.

As of September 2021, thousands of Coloradans have received letters in the mail, informing them that they need to repay every single dollar that they earned on unemployment benefits. These letters are known as “overpayment letters” and contain commands and instructions on how to repay the pandemic relief.

The State of Colorado has sent over 23,000 overpayment letters to residents throughout the state, leaving many people in financial ruin. Everyone who has received a letter in the mail must engage in repayment by October 1.

What happens if you don’t pay?

Many residents of Colorado who refuse to repay the overpayment may face the following consequences:

  • Collection efforts
  • Damage to credit scores and reports
  • Deduction from future wages
  • Bank levy
  • Account garnishments
  • Possible lawsuit filing.

What options are available to fight these consequences?

Image by Markus Spiske, via
Image by Markus Spiske, via

Officials say that there are many ways to resolve the overpayment notices, but there is high difficulty Facing any financial turmoil is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously. If you or someone you love is facing financial problems mandated from the State of Colorado, our office recommends doing the following:

  • File an appeal.
  • Negotiate a payment plan with the office of unemployment.
  • File a counter lawsuit.
  • Document the correspondence and situations that granted you approval for payments.
  • Contact a skilled employment attorney.

Coloradans who are facing financial hardships that received COVID unemployment benefits and are now ordered to repay are encouraged to contact our leading law firm! Our team is ready to assist you!  

State enforcement and collectors make it harder than other collection efforts for the public. Regardless of your situation, you will require the expertise of an attorney. You will need to put your best foot forward in these situations and our office is here to defend you and help you prepare to not only be excused from repayment but maybe even receive additional compensation.

Individuals in the Greater Denver area and the surrounding state of Colorado who have either witnessed or experienced adversity with your entitled unemployment benefits are encouraged to contact our Colorado office today for a free consultation. We are ready to bring corrupt policies and financial processes to justice. You and your family deserve to be compensated during this unprecedented time. Our attorneys are equipped and excited to start representing you.

Anyone who is also looking to file and keep their unemployment benefits eligibility without having to repay can contact Anderson Barkley Law today. Our acclaimed Colorado employment attorneys and legal team will fight for the compensation you and your family deserve. The lawyers at our firm work diligently to protect the rights of employment law victims and aren’t afraid to fight for a fair outcome.


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