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Michigan Man Lodges Bar Complaint Against Former Trump Campaign Attorney Sidney Powell

— December 27, 2020

Sidney Powell has filed numerous lawsuits–most of which have since been dismissed–in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

A Michigan man has registered a grievance complaint against Sidney Powell, the former Trump campaign attorney who filed a series of “Kraken” lawsuits attempting to deny President-elect Joe Biden his place in the Oval Office.

According to, Adam C. Reddick, a resident of Bay County, lodged his grievance against Powell with the Texas State Bar.

In his complaint, Reddick implied that Powell’s lawsuits—which challenged election results in a handful of hotly-contested battleground states, including Michigan—lacked merit and were filed in bad faith.

“When you file a lawsuit, you’re supposed to have some merit to it,” Reddick said. “It doesn’t have to be a slam-dunk, but it at least has to be based on some sort of evidence, some facts that are arguable, and not debunked conspiracy theories, lies, and speculation.

“That part offended me,” Reddick said, “that she was doing something like that.”

Although Biden beat Trump by some 150,000 votes in Michigan, Powell claimed several of the state’s most populous cities—such as Detroit—were afflicted by widespread voter fraud.

In her initial lawsuit, Powell demanded that Michigan discount its ballot certification and hand the state’s electoral powers to its Republican-controlled Legislature. However, Powell never provided evidence of voter fraud; her written claims were purportedly littered with spelling errors, as well as vaguely-worded language that allowed her to avoid stating that any observable misconduct had actually occurred.

Instead of substantiating her case, Powell instead offered a collection of bizarre conspiracy theories—among them the notion that Hugo Chavez, the late Venezuelan autocrat, had somehow played a role in securing Trump’s election loss.

That suit—perhaps not very surprisingly–was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker at the beginning of December. In her decision, Parker was keen to note the complaint’s weak foundation.

Trump in front of American flag. Image via Flickr/user:thejointstaff. (CCA-BY-2.0).

“The closest Plaintiffs get to alleging that election machines and software changed votes for President Trump to Vice President Biden is an amalgamation of theories, conjecture, and speculation,” Parker wrote in her ruling, dated December 7th.

Powell’s other federal lawsuits, filed in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia, have been similarly discarded.

Reddick says the scope of Powell’s misconduct, as well as her apparently political intent, warrant discipline.

“I felt that her conduct was egregious enough that it needed to be reported,” Reddick told “I had read several news articles stating that because [her lawsuit] was political in nature, she was unlikely to face any discipline. That seemed wrong to me based on the fact that she’s essentially filing frivolous lawsuits all over the place.”

Reddick, notes, used to be an attorney himself. However, his license to practice law was suspended in 2019.

Reddick told that his own disciplinary experience factored into his decision to challenge Powell.

“What I did was negligent,” Reddick said, explaining how his personal woes affected his legal practice. “What she’s doing is intentional. To me, that’s even more reprehensible.”

Reddick said that attorneys have an obligation to report colleagues who they know have committed misconduct in the course of their professional work.

“Ms. Powell has filed a frivolous lawsuit,” Reddick wrote, “seeking to disenfranchise voters in the State of Michigan, including myself.

“In support of her lawsuit, she has provided conspiracy theories and lies. Her lawsuit is also riddled with mistakes. She has appeared in national media making false statements relating to her lawsuit.”

Reddick isn’t alone in his attempt to hole Powell accountable for her complaints— notes that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel may seek sanctions against Powell and other attorneys, while the City of Detroit has announced similar plans.


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