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Modern Rules of Online Business

— December 23, 2020

A website’s layout and features play an important role in targeting your client and retaining your customers.

To run an online business today is more about surviving in the COVID-19 pandemic then an optional decision. With all the government imposed lockdowns and social distancing protocols, the businesses were not left with much of a choice. The decision to take your store on a digital platform is the best thing you can do for your business.

Taking your business online is not that expensive either. A normal grocery store, at the end of an alley, can also afford to go online, it’s that cheap. It doesn’t require much of an investment either, however, there is one downside to this decision that the competition online is intense. And to know your way around it and get noticed is the real dilemma. Only a few, make their online business successful.

Today we see online furniture stores, shoe stores, grocery stores, evening painting companies have taken their business online to sell their products for example titan sprayer parts are easily available online as well, which probably you couldn’t have gotten that easily online because its not such a big thing to be made available online probably.

In the article below we have listed down a few modern tips for you to follow if you plan to take your business online or even if you already have an online store.

Two digital marketing experts planning about SEO and link building strategies. Image by Diggity Marketing, via
Two digital marketing experts planning about SEO and link building strategies. Image by Diggity Marketing, via

Create a simple online store/website: This is fairly the first step of taking your store online. Create a very simple, yet well-organized website for your customers which makes the process of viewing and buying your products easy. The following are a few tips for you:

  • Do not get carried away by how cool you want the website to look, this should be a secondary concern. The first thing you should concentrate on is how to make your website easy to use and navigate for clients and customers.
  • Concentrate on uploading clear and precise product images, with not too much flashlight. The aesthetic of the product should be made clear with photography.
  • The website shouldn’t take too long to load. If it doesn’t load within 5 seconds, the customers will probably just close the website.
  • Do not put on loud audio or video on autoplay, as this will only be a distraction for your customers.
  • Make your website on a light background that appeals to the customer’s eye. It should look well organized, precise, and easy to navigate.

A website’s layout and features play an important role in targeting your client and retaining your customers. It is probably a good idea to look at your competitor’s websites and layout to get an idea or to get an edge over your competitor’s store layout.

Customer Relationship: The key to a successful online or traditional brick and mortar business is to main a good customer relationship. I am sure you might have heard the philosophy that the customer is always right. The businesses that follow this strategy can retain customers, which results in good profits.

When regulating your business online, you have to be extra careful of customers’ inquiries and be vigilant in giving responses, etc. On websites, usually, the customers are given contact forms to fill to submit their inquiries, your work is to respond to their queries promptly and respectfully. The same goes for customer services on social media sites when someone messages you or posts on your wall.

One drawback of this digital world of business is, if a customer posts a bad review for your website or leaves a negative comment, your sales can see a drastic hit.

Do not be Pushy with customers: I don’t need to stress on this more, as probably everyone knows that no one likes pushy salespeople. Oversell is a buzzkill. Refrain from being too pushy as customers can then tend to avoid you. Or they can simply block you as well.

It is best to adopt a strategy where you relay information to the customer in terms of how your product can benefit them. It is best to be transparent to your customer about your product’s advantages and disadvantages. This relays honesty and trust-building among your customers and clients.

Avoid Shortcuts to your Digital Marketing strategies: Digital marketing involves a series of concepts that are applied to increase your sales or bring traffic to your website or social media sites. The most applied and free digital marketing technique that is used today is SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

SEO can be described as a technique where a lot of marketers use the most searched words on Google, as a ‘keyword’ on their website. So then when someone searches that keyword, your website will come on top of the google search page. This is free of cost strategy. 

However, a lot of people adopt black-hat practices in this technique which means they hack the google algorithm to appear on the first page of the google search page. If you search titan sprayer parts, you will see a couple of websites coming on Google’s first page, this is because of their SEO strategies.

Do not adopt any shortcut strategies as this will result in your website being banned if found out. Plus the fame is short-lived.

Make sure you are not back-linked to bad websites: In the online world of businesses, you need to keep a track of who you are linked to your website or who is using your website on their weblink. Make sure it is not on some scammed sites etc.

There is a concept of digital marketing called affiliate marketing, where bloggers and site owners sell your products or link to your products. You have to be careful who you affiliate with. A lot of business owners can fall into hacking spams etc.

Keep an interactive customer strategy: It is important to keep your customers engaged with your online sites by involving them in contests and polls. Post content for your regular customer and special discount to retain your customers and keep them happy.

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