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Mom is Caught by Officer Snorting Cocaine at School

— August 18, 2017

Mom is Caught by Officer Snorting Cocaine at School

Christina Hester, 39, won’t be winning the Mother of the Year award anytime soon.  Sure, the Florida mom may have gotten out of bed and taken her child to school as she should. She may have even returned to pick the kid up.  But, it was what she was caught doing by an officer after she lined up in the parent pick-up line that proves she just isn’t mother material.

A school resource officer patrolling the building caught Hester snorting cocaine off her iPhone around 4pm while she waited for students to be released.  She was spotted from a second-floor window grinding up a white substance on her phone with a credit card and using a straw to snort it up.

Mom is Caught by Officer Snorting Cocaine at School
Image Courtesy of Fact Retriever

“She’s responsible for other people’s lives and she’s driving a car where my kids are walking and other kids.  Just lack of responsibility,” Lexington Middle School mother Katie Lindsay said with concern.

Another parent, Glenn, who chose not to reveal his last name, echoed her sentiments, “It’s concerning.  Especially the fact that she’s out here and if she’s the driver you know to be out in the streets that way and in the proximity of a public school.”  

A few students also voiced their opinion.  “That’s crazy. That’s just so irresponsible and they shouldn’t be doing that,” 12-year-old Spencer Yeager said, adding he’s heard everyone “say how it’s bad and how you can get addicted by doing other little drugs.”  As for the student that Hester was going to take home that day, he said, “I would be scared” if in the child’s shoes.  

“It’s crazy. People come to school to learn and not to see people doing drugs in their cars. Like, why would anyone do that? Especially when there’s kids of all ages here,” 13-year-old Sara Millican said.

The students feel the school they attend is a good one, and the last place they would expect such behavior, especially from an adult.  “They’re always teaching kids you shouldn’t use drugs,” said McKenna Adams.  “That someone older is doing that” is hard to believe, she added.

Mom is Caught by Officer Snorting Cocaine at School
Image Courtesy of WJBF-TV

The resources officer asked Hester to go inside, where they passed a “Safe Place” sign that she had apparently ignored.  She admitted to him she had a few drugs in her car.  A field test found 0.5 grams of cocaine in Hester’s purse along with two cut straws inside the car.  She was arrested immediately and booked on drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges.

In June of last year, another Florida mom, Jeanette Ruiz, attempted to pick her child up from school highly intoxicated.  Several parents showed concern with her behavior and called the police while holding her there.  When officers arrived, they took Ruiz to a hospital where she was found to be high on cocaine, hydromorphone, benzoylecgonine and methyl ecgonine.

Ruiz was charged with child abuse, driving under the influence, two drug trafficking charges and two sale of illegal narcotics charges.  Hester may be hit with child abuse charges, too.  It’s not clear when she will appear in court.


Woman Arrested for Snorting Cocaine in Parent Pick-Up Line at Florida School

Woman arrested for snorting cocaine in school pick-up line

Woman caught snorting cocaine in parent pick-up line

Pinellas mom on drugs arrested trying to pick up child from school

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