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Monopoly Card Won’t Help Suspect Get Out Of Jail Free

— July 3, 2017

Monopoly Card Won’t Help Suspect Get Out Of Jail Free

Monopoly gurus know all about the infamous “Get out of jail free” card that can help move the game forward if one of the players ends up behind bars.  According to the rules, the card may be kept until needed or sold. If a player lands behind bars without it, three turns must pass (maybe more if doubles are rolled).  After the third roll, the player gets out of jail and is forced pay a fine of $50.” If the fine cannot be paid, many will make the player stay put.  Needless to say, it’s a price find in the board game world.

Unfortunately, for one Minnesota criminal, the card doesn’t help beyond the board.  Deputy Mike Vai of the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office pulled over a vehicle owned by a woman with an outstanding warrant.  He didn’t find her inside.  Instead he decided to run the background of the passenger who wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and discovered the man had a fifth-degree controlled substance warrant.  He asked him to step outside of the vehicle.  

Monopoly Card Won’t Help Suspect Get Out Of Jail Free
Image Courtesy of Facebook

As the officer began to search his person, the suspect sarcastically asked Vai to check his front pocket.  He paused a moment, then reached in, thinking he would find drugs, but was taken aback by what he actually retrieved.  “I thought maybe he’s giving me a heads up about the controlled substance right now or maybe it’s a dirty Kleenex and the joke’s on me — now I have a cold,” the officer said.  He added his mind was going “a million miles a minute” trying to figure why the suspect had offered to help.  When he discovered the card, he had to read it twice.  “Is this what I think it is?” Vai asked of the Monopoly Chance card.  

“Yeah,” the man responded nonchalantly. “I’ve been carrying it on me ever since I found out there was a warrant — just in case.”

Vai tried not to laugh.  “I want to let you go so bad,” Vai responded.  But, the card doesn’t carry the same powers in real life.  Instead, the officer cuffed him and the two took a ride to the precinct.  

Monopoly Card Won’t Help Suspect Get Out Of Jail Free
Image Courtesy of The Goldwater

Vai thought about hanging onto the valuable jail card as a souvenir, but decided he should give it back. “Who knows? God forbid you might find a cooler cop,” Vai told the man.  

Before he parted ways with the find, the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office posted a photograph of the card on their official Facebook page alongside a post thanking the man for the comic relief. The post reads: “We appreciate the humor! Deputy Vai arrested a gentleman this weekend on an outstanding warrant. He carried this Monopoly card just in case. ‘A’ for effort!”  Hundreds of people viewed the post and many commented, chiming in on the applause.

The man’s bail for the outstanding felony warrant was set high at $5,000.  He is awaiting his day in court.  It is unclear whether he is still in custody or has been released.


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