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More Families are Opting Not to Vaccinate Their Children

— January 8, 2024

Kindergarteners are entering public schools without being vaccinated at higher rates than ever before.

In Idaho just a few months ago, there was an uncommon measles outbreak involving 10 unvaccinated members of a single family. Fortunately, health officials
successfully contained the outbreak as the family quickly quarantined, and the children were already being homeschooled. Dr. Perry Jansen, the region’s medical director, expressed relief, noting that the situation could have been worse if the children had attended public school, considering the state’s high rate of parents opting not to vaccinate their children. This number had reached 12% by the end of 2023.

Health experts have release information underscoring the challenges of increasing vaccine exemptions among parents in the United States, particularly in Idaho. The state has made obtaining vaccine exemptions easier, leading to a 7.7% exemption rate in the 2018-19 school year. At the same time, a measles outbreak in September further highlighted the risks, emphasizing the importance of a high vaccination rate, typically around 95%, to prevent the spread of diseases like measles.

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that a record number of American kindergarten students, approximately 3%, started school last year with exemptions from one or more required vaccines. This marks the highest exemption rate ever reported in the country, with the vast majority of exemptions (2.8%) attributed to nonmedical reasons.

More Families are Opting Not to Vaccinate Their Children
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The report highlights a decline in an overall willingness to vaccinate among kindergarten students during the 2022-23 school year, reaching 93%, down from the pre-pandemic level of 95%. The increase in exemptions is a significant concern, particularly as nonmedical exemptions account for over 90% of reported cases and contribute to the rise in the national exemption rate.

This nationwide trend reveals a concerning increase in kindergarten vaccination waivers, reaching an all-time high of 3% last school year, driven by various
factors such as relaxed state laws, vaccine mismisinformation, and heightened political rhetoric during the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts advocate for a comprehensive approach to boost vaccination rates, including doctor-parent communication, social media campaigns, improved vaccine accessibility, and school enforcement.

Several states experienced a rise in vaccine waivers, with Hawaii doubling exemption rates to nearly 6.5%, while some states, like Connecticut, tightened regulations in response by eliminating religious waivers, resulting in a significant increase in vaccination rates.

Rural Georgia healthcare professionals, such as Dr. Angela Highbaugh-Battle, focus on building connections and engaging with parents to address concerns and provide education about routine childhood vaccines, aiming to increase understanding and acceptance of vaccinations. The state, too, has seen an increase in exemptions.

A 2016 research study examined the Reasons Behind Parental Refusal of Vaccines. The findings showed reasons such as religious beliefs, personal philosophies, safety concerns, and a desire for more information from healthcare providers. These concerns result in a range of decisions, from complete vaccine refusal to delayed and spaced-out immunizations.

Many parents admit to being hesitant to vaccinate their children because they have questions and feel they need answers to these to make a more informed decision. To address this, pharmacists and healthcare providers are being asked to step in and educate families. Many health experts believe this should be the first line response to increases in exemption rates. If this doesn’t help the situation, other more concerted efforts, such as that witnessed in Connecticut, may be called for in order to better protect the younger generations.


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