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Most Useful Instagram Bloggers for Students

— August 29, 2019

Instagram is more than just a place to show how great your dinner looked or your latest gym gains. It’s actually a platform where students can find some useful information.

The ever-growing popularity of Instagram has led to an increase in the number of Instagram bloggers that use the platform to update users on virtually every topic. If you are not really sure how Instagram works nowadays read this guide first. One category of Instagram bloggers that has become particularly popular is the one targeting students. These Instagram bloggers share information on different topics that affect students. 

Some of these bloggers target students who need motivation to study. Others share ideas, knowledge, and hacks to help students navigate through universities and colleges. There are also Instagram bloggers who share tips for students’ success both inside and outside the classroom. Here are some of the most useful Instagram bloggers for students.

Instagram logo on smartphone; image by NeONBRAND, via
Instagram logo on smartphone; image by NeONBRAND, via
  1. Dani Kluss (@danidearestblog)

Dani Kluss is also called by the name of her blog, Dani Dearest. She focuses on helping college women and millennials to succeed in studies and life. Her blog features the information that college and millennial women need to succeed in academics. She publishes posts on topics like time management, productivity, mental health, feeling creatively satisfied and finding passion. 

  1. Annasdesk (@annasdesk) 

Anna is a New Zealand blogger who features cute desk motivation vibe on her Instagram account. This is the girl to follow on Instagram if you love brightly colored watermelon prints and notebooks. She created her Instagram account with an aim of showing her friends her planner, study notes, and stationary. However, she upped her game on reaching 100 followers. It was after hitting the 1000 followers’ mark that she decided to reveal her name. Her success on Instagram compelled her to start a blog where she shares tips for doing different things that relate to academics. 

  1. Lindsey Pollak (@lindseypollak) 

Pollak is a renowned Instagram blogger who is no longer a college student. However, she is a blogger who recent and current students should consider following. Some people refer to Pollak as the leading millennials’ voice and a multigenerational workplace. This Instagram blogger advices students and young people that want to succeed in professional life. Following her on Instagram and on her blog can install confidence to students who are about to graduate and worried about getting employment after graduation. She shares useful job hunting and career success tips with her followers. 

  1. Stephanie May Wilson (@smaywilson) 

Stephanie is an Instagram blogger who writes about relationships, self-confidence, faith, and friendships. These are important topics for students. She also discusses big questions from women on her Instagram page and podcast. She compares a life where a person takes care of everybody else while forgetting themselves to feeding on a granola bar on the way out while criticizing oneself when things don’t work as expected. As such, Stephanie encourages young people to take care of themselves. She advices students to love themselves and treat themselves the way they treat their best friends. 

  1. Carly Heitlinger (@carly) 

Heitlinger is also called the College Prepster. She has become increasingly popular among students over the years for posting content on fashion, personal challenges, style, and travel. Despite graduating from college in 2008, Heitlinger remains popular among college-aged readers over the years. That’s because she shares experiences and advice that captures the attention of students. Additionally, Heitlinger is a YouTuber that posts videos on questions and answers on different topics. 

  1. Victoria Studies (@victoria_studies) 

This Instagram blogger is a medical student that spends her time in Croatia and Norway. But, the content that she shares on her Instagram account makes many people insanely jealous. Her Instagram account is private but she shares study tips and advice that make it worth following. 

  1. Morgan Timm (@morgantimm) 

This Instagram blogger is also called Mostly Morgan. Although she is no longer a college student, she shares crucial advice about her college years with her audience. 

  1. Samantha Neira (@samanthaneira) 

Neira is an Instagram blogger who shares content on different topics via her Instagram account and blog. Her posts are mostly focused on advising students. However, she also features topics on travel, style, and beauty. In addition to being an Instagram blogger, Neira is a lifestyle guru. 

University and college students form one of the largest groups of Instagram users. Though Instagram and other social networks have sometimes been considered a distraction, it’s possible to get useful study tips and advice from this platform. That’s because there are Instagram bloggers that provide tips to help students excel even in life after school. 

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