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Need Reliable Texas Accident Lawyers Fast? Here are a Few Tips

— November 19, 2021

A permanent disability or a disfigurement alters your quality of life and will cause you and your family a lot of suffering. 

One of the most terrible car accidents on Texas roads this year took place on Saturday, October 16, on Highway 360, right at the border between Arlington and Mansfield. A man, a woman and her unborn baby were killed in a crash caused by a drunk driver, according to police reports. Drunk-driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes in Texas, together with distracted driving, speeding or ignoring traffic rules. All it takes is one careless driver to upend your life. If you or a loved one were recently involved in any type of car accident in the area you need to find the best Arlington accident lawyers to fight for your rights. 

What happens if the driver that caused the accident runs away? What if they don’t have insurance or are underinsured? You might find yourself in a legal mess at the most inconvenient of times, when you’re injured, in pain, and worried about your future. You don’t want any more worries on your head at a time like this and experienced Texas car accident lawyers can take that load off your shoulders. 

After taking care of your injuries, the first thing you need to do is seek legal representation. It is important to find a good lawyer that can get on the case right away. They will need to travel to the crash scene looking for evidence and interviewing witnesses. They need to do this fast while the memories are still fresh. If you only get a lawyer six months after the accident, any witness that they might be able to locate will have only a vague recollection of what happened. Your accident lawyer also needs to investigate road conditions and look for missing traffic signs to establish the cause of the accident and identify the culprits.

"Wonderful, Gentle" Pain Physician Plotted to Kill with Fentanyl
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Let’s say that you were in no way responsible for the crash and you want to handle the matter through your insurance company. That’s why you’ve been paying your premium after all. However, before doing that you should schedule a free consultation with a skilled Texas accident lawyer, if only to get an idea of what type of damages you’re entitled to. Don’t sign any papers before you do that, because the money your insurance adjuster will put on the table will be significantly lower than what you deserve.

Another reason you should not hurry to settle is that you need to know if and how well you recover from your injuries. The doctors might be very reassuring and tell you all will be well, but you don’t know that. What if something goes wrong? What if you’re left with a disability that makes you unfit for work or forces you to find another job, one that pays less. Those responsible for your injuries or your insurance should pay for all your present and future losses, as well as for your pain and suffering. A permanent disability or a disfigurement alters your quality of life and will cause you and your family a lot of suffering. 

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