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Nevada Police Brutality Lawyers are Ready to Defend Your Civil Rights

— November 10, 2022

Using violence against a civilian who has already surrendered is against the law.

How many times have you read news stories about African American drivers being pulled over on a car-theft suspicion? Decent people driving home after a hard day’s work pulled over because a prejudiced or overzealous police officer found it odd that they should be driving such a car. This is one of the most common examples of racial profiling in Nevada, or anywhere else in the US for that matter. Even if the incident doesn’t turn violent, this is a clear case of police misconduct and you should reach out to a skilled Nevada police brutality lawyer to see what you can do about it. 

It’s not just about you and the damages you might be entitled to, but also about taking a stance. If you let it slide, another innocent civilian just like you might be stopped by the police tomorrow or next week. Holding police agents accountable for their misconduct is the only way to put a stop to such unlawful practices.

Another type of misconduct people belonging to racial minorities are familiar with – illegal searches. Once again, police officers prove they are biased when they stop a black or Latino person in Nevada on a hunch. They claim that the victim acted suspicious so they decided to investigate. If you find yourself in such a situation you should immediately contact a good police brutality lawyer in Las Vegas, as this is a clear violation of your civil rights. The Fourth Amendment guarantees your right to be protected against illegal searches and seizures. 

When the police agents fail to follow proper procedure they act in violation of your constitutional rights and they can and should be held accountable. Moreover, if you get yourself a seasoned criminal defense lawyer they may be able to prove the search you were subjected to was illegal and any evidence obtained by such means is inadmissible in court.

A Portland Police Department officer wielding a can of pepper spray. Representational image, retrieved via Wikimedia Commons via Flickr/user:Tony Webster. (CCA-BY-2.0)>

Many times these unlawful actions of the police turn bloody. Yes, police agents are allowed to use a reasonable amount of force to subdue and restrain criminals. However, using violence against a civilian who has already surrendered is against the law. Let’s admit that you did something wrong. This doesn’t give them the right to use Tasers or physical violence against you. Many do, though, and then they’ll claim they were afraid for their lives or they thought you might become violent. It will be your word against theirs if you don’t reach out to a skilled police brutality lawyer. 

Your attorney will interview eyewitnesses and will request access to body cam footage to establish the circumstances of your arrest. If they find evidence that the police used unnecessary violence you may have a case against them. Also, if you were injured during the police action you have the right to receive immediate medical attention. If they simply slam you in an overcrowded cell instead of taking you to see a doctor, that’s another violation of your civil rights. You have the right to pursue a personal injury claim. You can sue the police officers involved or even the Nevada police department involved. 

Any crime has a lawful punishment, but cruel and unusual punishment is prohibited under the Eighth Amendment. If they made you suffer, they should pay for it. 

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