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New York Celebrity Surgeon Fends Off Some Serious Allegations

— October 23, 2017

New York Celebrity Surgeon Fends Off Some Serious Allegations

Dr. Ayman Shahine, the 54-year-old plastic surgeon to the stars operating out of the NY Beauty Surgeon office, is facing 29 serious allegations of incompetence, negligence, and fraud.  Gynecologist turned cosmetic surgeon, Shahine has been credited for giving Mob Wives star Renee Graziano a bigger booty.  But, not all of his patients are happy with their results and the state oversight board is coming down hard on the doctor, specifically regarding complaints submitted by eight of his patients.

One 34-year-old patient underwent liposuction surgery without the physician first checking her blood test results that clearly indicated she was pregnant.  He removed excess fat from her back, inner thighs, and abdomen.  Another complaint was submitted by a 65-year-old woman who underwent “extensive” breast implant replacement surgery without Shahine monitoring her vital signs or documenting blood loss.  The physician has also been accused of performing “unnecessary and invasive” tests on at least three other women.

New York Celebrity Surgeon Fends Off Some Serious Allegations
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The patients are remaining anonymous as the state Board of Professional Medical Conduct is gearing up to hold a hearing to determine whether to substantiate the serious allegations.  After that point, Shahine could lose his license or have it suspended for a period of time.

According to his website, the New York surgeon has also worked on Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Nya Lee of Love & Hip Hop: New York.  However, fifteen women have sued the doctor for medical malpractice over the past four years.

One such complaint was filed by Lisa Pressman to claimed she ended up in an intensive care unit after she developed a serious infection from her Brazilian butt lift, which was performed in 2014.  The 2015 complaint included numerous serious allegations, including that the doctor did not use a mask, gown or gloves during the surgery, and used his cell phone during the entire procedure.  Pressman suffered septic shock, a bacterial infection, pain and respiratory failure.  She would spend five weeks at the hospital recovering.  Her complaint was eventually settled.

“He’s a good doctor. He’s an excellent surgeon. He has a fabulous font of medicine and we’re confident that he’ll be exonerated,” said Douglas Nadjari, Shahine’s attorney.  He claimed he hadn’t heard of Pressman’s case against his client.

Dr. Shahine was in the media earlier this year suing for $100 million in damages after a television segment ran telling viewers he kept his patients drugged for days at a time in his waiting room prior to their scheduled procedures. “The segment was intended to make plaintiff a scapegoat for the shadowy cosmetic surgery practices in and around the city of New York,” according to the doctor’s complaint, which was filed March 9 in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Shahine was accused of exploiting a little-known loophole in the state’s legal system which allows any licensed medical doctor to perform cosmetic surgery and performing these surgeries in an “uninspected and unsanitary” office.   “He’s not a plastic surgeon,” reporters stated.  “He’s actually an OB-GYN who’s been sued for malpractice multiple times and now runs a midtown plastic surgery mill that operates round the clock for cash.”


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