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New York City Mayor Eric Adams Denies Sexual Assault Allegations

— March 19, 2024

“This did not happen,” Adams told reporters. “I don’t recall ever meeting this person during my time in the police department.”

A former New York Police Department aide has filed a lawsuit against the city’s mayor, Eric Adams, claiming that he sexually assaulted her in 1993 while they were both working for the Transit Bureau.

According to The Associated Press, the plaintiff in the lawsuit alleges that Adams—who was, at the time, employed by the N.Y.P.D.’s transit division—used his influence and position to coerce her into a sexual relationship.

The complaint, adds The Associated Press, was filed shortly after the New York County Supreme Court issued summonses for Adams under the state’s Adult Survivors Act. Adams has, in response, maintained that he does not know the alleged victim and cannot recall ever meeting her.

The plaintiff has also filed similar claims against the N.Y.P.D. Transit Bureau and the N.Y.P.D. Guardians Association.

In her lawsuit, the alleged victim says that she was repeatedly passed over for promotions while working as an administrative aide for the Transit Bureau. Although she had passed “promotional exams” and had been told that she was “next in line” for another, better position, she eventually took her frustrations to Adams—who was, in 1993, recognized as a “high-ranking member” of the N.Y.P.D. Guardians, a department-affiliated fraternal order.

New York City street; image by Wiggijo, via
New York City street; image by Wiggijo, via

Adams purportedly offered to drive the woman home, saying that he would take the time to talk through her issues and see whether he could offer any assistance. However, instead of driving her to her home in Brooklyn, Adams took her to a “remote, vacant lot.” There, Adams allegedly asked her to “expose herself” and perform oral sex upon him in exchange for help securing a promotion.

New York City Corp. Counsel Hon. Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix has since said that Mayor Adams “denies these outrageous allegations.”

“While we review the complaint, the mayor fully denies these outrageous allegations and the events described here,” she said. “We expect full vindication in court.”

“Additionally, in 1993, Eric Adams was one of the most prominent public opponents of the racism within the N.Y.P.D., which is why the suit’s allegations that he had any sway over promotions of civilian employees is ludicrous,” Hinds-Radix added.

Adams, adds CNN, also denied the woman’s claims while speaking to the media on Thursday.

“This did not happen,” Adams told reporters. “I don’t recall ever meeting this person during my time in the police department.”

CNN notes that the plaintiff, whose name was not shared by different media sources, “is no stranger to the courtroom:” she has written books on how to file lawsuits, and published resources for persons who intend to represent themselves without a lawyer.

But, in this case, the plaintiff does appear to have retained her own counsel.

Megan Goddard, an attorney representing the alleged victim, told CNN that her clients hopes to hold Adams and other “abusers” accountable.

“I am proud to filet his complaint on behalf of my client, a woman whose strength astonishes me,” Goddard said. “She knew that filing this lawsuit would cause her significant personal challenges, but she did so nevertheless, because she believes sexual abusers must be held to account, no matter who they are. Her fearlessness and quest for justice are as inspiring as they are important.”


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