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Obstacles in the Insurance Claim Process After a Florida Hurricane

— February 21, 2022

There are lawyers who focus their efforts on insurance issues and resolving problems for homeowners.

The insurance claim process after a home is damaged by a hurricane can be troubling for a number of reasons. The homeowner may need to invest significant amounts of time into documenting damage such as roof leaks, shattered windows, and flooding. Despite their best efforts, the homeowner may still have problems with getting paid by their insurance company through a legitimate claim. In these situations, it is helpful for the claimant to get specific advice from a local attorney who knows how to handle insurance issues. 

Time delays after the claim is filed

The person who is making the claim has a certain time limit to report the relevant damage before they will have to pay for repairs on their own. Under many policies, this is a year or less. After the claim is filed, the insurance company should also respond and investigate in a timely manner. Insurance adjusters can become very busy after a major hurricane hits the state, and it may take awhile before one is sent to the home. There may also be administrative delays where the insurance company processes the claim late, or forgets to process it at all. 

Bad faith claim denials

Claim denial letter; image by Jay W. Belle Isle.
Claim denial letter; image by Jay W. Belle Isle.

One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner after a storm is if the insurance company simply denies a claim without a legitimate reason. This is more common than many people realize, and bad faith denials can cost homeowners significant amounts of money, especially if they do not appeal and fight against the provider’s inappropriate behavior. An attorney can investigate the claim, and make sure that the insurance company is not acting illegally. 

Small payouts

Insurance companies are businesses that look to maximize profits and minimize losses. For these reasons, it is possible that the provider may offer a smaller settlement to try to close out the claim and end their issues with the homeowner. Over the course of a year, the insurance company can potentially save millions in this way, while shifting costs to customers. This is unfair to policyholders, as they pay into their insurance company consistently hoping that they will be protected in the event of a loss. If a small settlement is offered, the homeowner may be able to appeal the offer or try to renegotiate with the help of their lawyer. 

Getting help from a Florida insurance attorney

There are lawyers who focus their efforts on insurance issues and resolving problems for homeowners. The Law Offices of Michael M. Raheb can provide specific guidance to anyone who needs help.

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