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On Car Accidents and Attorneys in Virginia

— July 13, 2021

A car accident can be traumatizing enough without having to be assaulted by a wave of costs and fees associated with recovering your health and the condition of your car, let alone the mental malaise that comes as a result.

Modern transportation is highly convenient, offering us the luxury of traveling large distances within a fraction of the time that our ancestors used to. On the other hand, driving a car can be extraordinarily dangerous, as you must always maintain a perfect level of concentration.

Besides the physical and emotional trauma that an accident can bring, you might also have to inquire about a car accident attorney in Richmond to fight for your cause in the scenario that you’ve been wronged.

Paying the costs associated with recovering your health and repairing your vehicle out of your own pocket is extremely unfair, which is why suing for damage is a wise course of action – in most scenarios.

Causes of Virginia Car Accidents

There are many causes for car accidents, whether in Virginia or in other parts of the world. The Virginia Highway Safety Office is known to compile and present data and statistics that address the various causes of car accidents. According to them, the most common causes for traffic accidents are either speeding, distracted driving, aggressive or hurried driving, and drunk driving.


The most frequently encountered cause for a car accident across the United States. An estimated 20% of traffic accidents in Virginia can be linked to speeding. This is exactly the reason why speed limits exist in the first place, although circumstances or whims might lead to ignoring them, which usually turns out worse than expected.

Speeding isn’t just a cause for a traffic accident. The implications of suffering through a car crash that was caused by speeding often involve a severely increased degree of crash severity, which can lead to life-threatening and permanently debilitating injuries.

Police officer leaning in window of car after accident; image by Matt Chesin, via
Image by Matt Chesin, via

There might be many (invalid) reasons for speeding, such as traffic congestions or running late for work, though we’d like to draw emphasis on the fact that no amount of stress is worth putting yourself through such high levels of danger. As always, “better safe than sorry,” must be heeded.

Distracted Driving

You must always pay attention to the road when you are driving. Even a temporary lapse is perception is bound to land you in critical situations where your life is at risk. We are all used to being distracted by a dozen different stimuli within a short time span, though driving must always remain a time of focus.

Driving school puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of always paying attention. The best way to avoid accidents – besides being sober – is to remain composed, collected, and thoroughly focused, always ready to react to the vagaries of traffic.

The most common instigator of distracted driving car accidents is looking at your phone while your hand is on the wheel. Our modern society has taught us that multitasking is an invaluable skill that must be cultivated, yet this clearly does not extend to driving, as sending text messages while on the road has been proven to lead to uncounted fatalities, including those involving bicyclists.

Drunk Driving

There is nothing worse than having alcohol in your bloodstream while you’re driving. Alcohol is a highly impairing substance that greatly reduces our overall dexterity and hand-eye coordination, making it almost impossible to follow the precise movements required to drive a motorized vehicle.

Our reaction time is badly affected as well, being reduced to a sliver of what it is when we are completely sober. If a car swerves onto your lane from the other side and comes bounding towards you, you’re unlikely to be able to react in proper time if you are inebriated.

Drunk driving accounts for about 28% of all traffic related fatalities in the United States and is considered to claim more lives than any other non-medical cause of death. It is estimated that a drunk driving related injury happens every 2 minutes.

Pursuing Legal Action

If you were negatively affected by a car accident in which you were the victim, after recovering, you must file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. You need to mark down some information regarding:

  • Your policy numbers.
  • The driver’s name, address, and phone number.
  • The driver’s insurance details.
  • Both cars’ registration numbers.

Not receiving as much as you need out of the situation could mean that you will have to pursue legal action in the form of a car accident or personal injury lawsuit. Our recommendation would be to contact a reputable law firm with a solid track record and a talented team of car accident attorneys to offer you assistance.

Insure the Future

A car accident can be traumatizing enough without having to be assaulted by a wave of costs and fees associated with recovering your health and the condition of your car, let alone the mental malaise that comes as a result.

Do research on what you should do after a car accident and make sure you contact a high-profile law firm that can offer you advice and guidance.

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