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One in 10 People have had a Near-Death Experience

— August 21, 2019

One study found that 10% of respondents had a near-death experience, often traumatic in nature.

Researchers from Norway and Denmark have found that about one in ten people has a near-death experience in their life. According to the study, people in 35 separate countries experienced unusual spiritual and physical symptoms. These have taken place in the life-threatening occasion which includes car crashes, near-drownings, and heart attacks.

Several people who participated in the study had near-death experiences and said that they felt completely at peace. However, there are others who said that had been aware of the presence of others when they fell asleep. In fact, there have been reports stating that people could feel a demon on their chest as they lay paralyzed being unable to make any movement.

An interesting fact that was discovered from the study was that nine out of 10 people who had this near-death experience went through an abnormal time perception when 2/3 of them enjoyed an amazing speed of thought and vivid thoughts.

There has been evidence that shows near-death experience can also be linked to a sleep disorder which is known as REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep intrusion. This is a condition in which the brain of a person is asleep while they are awake. Some people reported that they are having auditory and visual hallucination and various other symptoms such as sleep paralysis. This is a state in which they are conscious but are unable to move.

Dr. Daniel Kondziella, the lead researcher who is a neurologist in the University of Copenhagen, said that their main finding was that they confirmed their association of people’s near-death experiences with REM. He said that even though the association isn’t causality, if they are able to identify the psychological mechanism that works behind Rapid Eye Movement sleep intrusion to wakefulness, they might be advancing their study of near-death experiences.

In medical terms, the near-death experience is impossible. These experiences generally occur when a person is physically compromised and unconscious or clinically dead. From a logical, as well as a medical perspective, it is almost impossible for a person who is unconscious to have a lucid experience which is logically organized. Nevertheless, lucid experiences can happen all the time. During this time, the levels of alertness and consciousness which they feel are even greater than what a person experiences in daily life.

Person facing opposite in smoky spotlight; image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen, via
Person facing opposite in smoky spotlight; image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen, via

Some people believe that NDEs are basically medical phenomenon, while others say they are related to God. For people who believe in God, this provides a robust message of hope, comfort, and reassurance with the conclusion based on evidence that God is real.

Symptoms of NDE

People who had the near-death experience had encountered symptoms like feeling as if their soul is being sucked out, the hallucination of angels, and seeing life flashing before their own eyes.

It was thought that these symptoms are mainly because of the traumatic event that took place. The study by experts has found that near-death experience is quite common in people who aren’t in imminent danger of death in opposition to people who have gone through a life and death situation.

73% of the people have said that this experience has been unpleasant. The experience might vary from one person to another. One woman said that when she gave birth to her child, she had a near-death experience and she felt as if she died and then went to heaven.

There are many car crash near-death experiences where people come back to life after going to a terrible accident. This can happen to people who are intoxicated with alcohol and drugs. Hence, it is important to get cannabis out of your system before you drive. Being drugged while you are driving can lead to major accidents. There are many methods that you can use for detoxifying cannabis. This is a crucial step if you have to drive safely.

One woman had a positive experience, irrespective of almost drowning when she had been only 8 years old. The participant commented that she felt completely at peace and even after 20 years she can still remember how she had felt. For her, it was an amazing feeling. However, most of the time, near-death experience is traumatic.

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