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Paid Social Media Optimization 101: Make the Most of Your Firm’s Marketing Dollars

— May 23, 2022

Armed with the critical data that call tracking provides, you can dig into what’s really happening with your paid social campaigns.

Social media is viewed by legal professionals as the most valuable channel for providing leads, according to CallRail’s research. But social media strategies require careful planning. 

If all your decisions aren’t data-informed, there’s a high probability you’re losing valuable marketing dollars. Fortunately, with the right tools in place, your law firm has the ability to test different methods and truly understand what resonates with your audience and why – which ultimately saves your firm money.   

But no single platform is the same. And if you don’t know your stuff, you won’t get a high ROI on your paid social media spend. To maximize your firm’s social media marketing dollars, first you have to know how to implement paid social media on the various platforms: 


Facebook has an immense user base that measured 1.93 billion daily active users at the end of 2021. With such a widespread audience, firms are offered the opportunity to reach a huge amount of potential clients via the platform. Advertising with Facebook Ads is a simple, effective way to deliver your brand’s message to the right audience. The platform makes it easy to target key demographics and see the results of each campaign with Facebook Insights.


Instagram ranks second after its counter-platform Facebook, when we look at active users – measuring about 1 billion users per month. And as the network continues to grow, its popularity and frequent new feature launches offer great opportunities for firms to join the space and find ways to succeed. Similar to Facebook, Instagram allows you to create ads that reach the right people. While the specific metrics may vary, marketers have the options to target specific audiences with demographical settings and monitor how each campaign performs. 


With more than 740 million members, LinkedIn is the most widely used social media platform to share content for B2B purposes. Targeted LinkedIn ads are useful for driving professional, quality leads to your website. The social network makes it easy to measure campaign performance directly from your account with LinkedIn conversion tracking.


Twitter screen; image by Joshua Hoehne, via
Twitter screen; image by Joshua Hoehne, via

For a more conversational social platform, Twitter is a top contender. The platform has a massive population of brands and individuals constantly interacting at rapid speed. In fact, there are over  500 million tweets on a daily basis. Twitter offers a number of different types of paid campaigns to cater to specific needs and goals. There are campaigns for increasing your followers, driving traffic to your website, and promoting your apps, all of which can be tracked using Twitter analytics.

So, you know how to build the ads. But how can you effectively strategize your firm’s social spend?

The answer is simple: call tracking. Armed with the critical data that call tracking provides, you can dig into what’s really happening with your paid social campaigns, allowing you to get a better grasp on your ROI. And there are two primary ways to do it. 

With visitor-level call tracking, marketers can correlate keywords with social media campaigns, phone calls, and website visits. This lets you see which keywords are driving the most clicks and calls for your business, allowing you to better optimize your campaigns to improve ROI.

Similarly, you can use source-level call tracking to attribute phone calls, conversions, and web traffic to specific paid social campaigns. By assigning a designated phone number to each individual campaign, you’ll be able to accurately track your paid social campaign performance with ease. 

Once you get your ads set up with the correct call tracking features, you’re sure to be a social media superstar at your firm. To learn even more about maximizing your firm’s social media spend, check out this Content Hub from CallRail.

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