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People with Hernia Mesh Issues Need to Know These Important Facts

— September 1, 2022

People who experience complications due to any kind of medical procedure have the right to take action and try to receive compensation.

Detroit, MI – It is common for people who have hernia issues to get a mesh implant to support various tissues in the body. However, despite the intended purpose of these implants, hernia mesh has been known to cause serious problems. The implant can move in unintended ways, become infected, or cause damage to organs and muscles. These unintended consequences have started to become the grounds for lawsuits throughout the United States. 

A crucial component of the legal action surrounding these implants is related to informed consent and disclosures by healthcare professionals. Many litigants who have sued healthcare providers say that they would have avoided the procedure if they were informed of all of the potential risks. Attorneys near me who are currently helping people with this litigation are able to meet with anyone who feels that they have been affected by these problems.   

The specific causes of problems

Research has found that hernia mesh can potentially be made of unsafe materials that cause damage to people over time as they break down. Some of the materials in the mesh have been known to result in scarring and attachment to organs. If the mesh shrinks or otherwise changes in size or shape after being implanted, the body may also produce an unnatural immune response and other complications. Issues that have been reported due to hernia mesh implants include physical pain, infections, blockage of the bowels, and organ perforation. It is also possible that novel health problems will be discovered as more people come forward to join the lawsuits in progress.  

Lawsuits for compensation

Scales of Justice. Image via Flickr/user:mikecogh. (CCA-BY-2.0).

People who experience complications due to any kind of medical procedure have the right to take action and try to receive compensation. Money paid out to victims can include costs of additional medical treatment, compensation for time away from work and career losses, as well as non-economic damages for the person’s physical pain, trauma, and other quality of life problems caused by their hernia mesh procedure. Those who experienced severe complications may potentially be eligible for very large sums in a settlement. 

While it can be difficult to estimate the amount of compensation available to each person before a meeting with a legal professional, hernia mesh lawyers have already worked for a combined amount of over one billion dollars paid out to thousands of affected individuals.

Experienced attorneys are available

Anyone who needs advice from a hernia mesh defect lawyer can speak with an attorney about their concerns. Neumann Law Group focuses on various injury cases and the process to obtain compensation for their clients.

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