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Programs for Young People – Fight For Better Mental Health

— June 18, 2021

In all this hectic and tough routine, we often forget that our bodies need a balanced diet and proper hydration to stay fully functional. Not only our body but our mind also needs a healthy and balanced routine.

The teenage years are full of life and colors until you start encountering the bitter part of reality. Teens are more prone to deal with different challenges than the other age groups. That includes mental health issues.

Growing up, there are a lot of things that make life challenging and difficult; however, what we don’t realize at the time is these challenges are nothing, and we don’t have to stress too much over them.

In teenagers, even trivial matters such as grades, friendships, relationships with family, bullying, sports, peer pressures, obesity, and many other high school stressors make us lose our emotional and mental health.

Though when we are past this phase, all these things make us laugh at ourselves. We start questioning why we were so stupid to worry about such unimportant matters. Why did we even bother ourselves with such petty matters?

But keeping good mental and emotional health in teenagers is very important, and one should pay more attention to it. Mental health, and emotional health, is as important as physical health and should be given equal importance, if not more.

Being a teen, we are well aware that we need to put a bandage on our injuries and cast our fractures, so what about our brains? Do our brains need no attention?

Of course, they need as much attention as our injuries and pains. Just because we cannot see something does not mean it should be left unbothered!

In this article, I have combined some easy steps to help you maintain your emotional and mental health. And believe me, you can do it!

If you are in your teenage years and are struggling with your mental health, make sure to read this to the very end, I hope you will definitely find something that you can use to cope with your stress!

Seeking Help is a Sign of Strength!

Though it takes time and effort to accept that you need someone to come to your rescue and you cannot deal with your problems on your own, that does not show you are weak.

Asking for help is not wrong, speaking up about your issues is not wrong, seeking someone to share the burden of your thoughts is not wrong; you just have to accept that there is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking up.

It is better to share your burden with someone else instead of crying your eyes out at night!

A Healthy Mind needs a Healthy Body!

Teenage years are no doubt the most challenging years of our lives. Parents want us to be more responsible. Friends want us to be more giving in the relationships. Our future demands good grades, and coping with the stress of studies is never-ending.

In all this hectic and tough routine, we often forget that our bodies need a balanced diet and proper hydration to stay fully functional. Not only our body but our mind also needs a healthy and balanced routine.

Healthy eating is not the only part of your balanced routine; getting up early, sleeping at targeted hours, exercising at least 3-4 days a week, going for some sports, etc.; all of these make up a healthy lifestyle which is a necessity.

You are Strong, and You Have Power!

This might sound a bit self obsessing, but you need to keep affirming yourself with short notices of “I can do this,” “I am strong,” “only I can control my life,” etc.

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We all are unique; we all can do things, though in a different way. These short reminders should not be overlooked.

You all are special in a different way, and you should embrace yourself the way you are. 

Positively accepting yourself will make life easier for you. Keep your expectations reasonable so that you can appreciate yourself enough for that when you break your own records!

There are Tons of Coping Skills that can help you in Managing Mental Health!

Before proceeding, you need to know that mental health issues are not something out of the world. They can be managed easily; you just have to take one step closer to the coping skills.

Instead of surfing the internet to find out different coping skills to manage your stress, anxiety, or depression, finding a solution of your own is better.

See what makes you happy, what makes you get out of the stressful conditions, what makes you forget about all the worries. And once you find out, start doing it when you are in one of those bad situations.

It doesn’t have to be something very complicated or something extreme. You can start with simple things if they make you happy. It can be painting, singing or listening to music, gardening, gaming, etc.; it can be anything.

Apart from busying yourself with the simplest things and hobbies, you should not forget the fact that going for therapy sessions to get yourself out of the stress is NOT wrong. If you think that things are getting out of your hands, seek professional help.

Surround yourself with Positive and Healthy People Only!

We all know when relationships are getting toxic; we just have to get rid of them before they ruin us. Just because one of your friends is toxic and radiates negative energy does not mean you are negative or you cannot get good friends.

You just have to say goodbye to toxic people and relationships and surround yourself with positivity!

These were some of the tips to help you get out of toxic mental and emotional health. But, what should you do if your friend is fighting anxiety and depression?

Well, it is nothing new to find friends and fellows who might be fighting stress, anxiety, and depression. So what should you do if you find someone dealing with mental health issues?

Young People with Mental Health Issues are Often Misunderstood!

Young people with mental health issues often stand out and are judged for their behavior, choices, and overall reactions towards things.

Be first to rule out the mental health issues in your peers and help them come out of the stressful situations they are in!

Your Support Can Make a Difference!

Teens who are fighting with overwhelming emotions can sometimes stop being themselves. They might need some space, they might want to skip gatherings and crowds, and they might want to escape the situations.

Instead of judging them over these things, show love and support to them and be there for them. Tell them to share their burden with you. Show them that you are there for them!

There are a lot of ways of managing anxiety and depression. Some people go for pharmaceutical medications, and others go for natural treatments like Cannabidiols.

Not familiar with Cannabidiols? Well, they are cannabinoids derived from natural hemp and cannabis and are used to treat different ailments, one of which is relieving anxiety and depression.

Most people use hemp oil for skinand they are well familiar with the anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and therapeutic effects of Cannabidiols and all hemp-derived products.

Check EarthE CBD if you are looking for some natural treatment for your mental health-related issues like stress, anxiety, and depression! Of course, you will need your parents’ assistance with such purchases.

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