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Reasons a Homeowners Insurance Policy May Not Cover Damage in Orlando?

— February 15, 2022

Insurance adjusters will personally view the property damage to try to prevent misrepresentation and fraud.

Property owners in Florida may face a number of problems each year. Hurricanes and severe weather are always a concern, as are other sudden emergencies that can cause property damage. Homeowners insurance is the most common way that people are protected from these kinds of losses, however the claim process is imperfect and can be frustrating at times. Anyone who has recently had a claim denied can meet with their lawyer to see if they have any other options for compensation available. 

The policy only covers certain kinds of damage

While homeowners insurance can cover many different kinds of damage that property owners experience, this coverage is not universal. Things like floods, normal wear and tear to the property, power outages and associated damage, and mistakes by repair people are not covered under standard homeowner’s insurance. To avoid surprises, anyone who has purchased coverage should check with their provider for specific information about exactly what will be covered. If the homeowner is concerned, they can buy additional coverage to protect against more forms of damage. 

The insurance company is illegally denying a legitimate claim

Insurance companies are not perfect. Sometimes a claim is not paid out due to a legitimate mistake, and other times the company may engage in a practice called bad faith denials to try to save money by avoiding legitimate claims. Regardless of the reason, the claimant can have their attorney review the claim and the policy to ensure that the insurance company is not breaking the law. Insurance companies that engage in bad faith practices may be sued and have to pay out damages. 

The claim was filed too late

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While the terms of the policy can vary, a homeowner should try to record the damage and file the claim as soon as possible. In most cases, the time limit to file a claim will be a year or two at the most. If this deadline is missed, the claim will not be processed and the homeowner has missed their opportunity at compensation. 


It is possible that the person filing the claim may have misrepresented the amount or type of damage that they have experienced to get a payout. Insurance adjusters will personally view the property damage to try to prevent misrepresentation and fraud. Insurance companies are aware of the fact that these types of claims are problematic and can cost lots of money if misrepresentation is not covered. 

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