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Renovation Ideas to Give Your Home a More Modern Look

— November 2, 2022

Renovating your home, even with some minor changes, can add value to your property.

If you are planning on giving your home a more modern vibe, there are plenty of options for transforming traditional designs into modern ones, relying on clean lines, a simple neutral color palette, and pared-down decorating. However, you should consider renovation on the outside too. Even if you are not ready to invest in a full-blown remodel, there are some minor things you can do throughout your home to create a more modern look.

Here are some options:

Paint trim

Trimwork on your home brings out the features, drawing attention to walls, windows, staircases, and more. Trimworking can also define these elements and contribute to a high-end look. Choose a cover with dated-looking woodwork with a fresh coat of white paint, or a contrasting trim color such as black, for a modern effect.

Create the illusion of higher ceilings

Higher ceilings are a striking feature in many expensive homes. If raising the ceiling height physically is not possible, consider window treatments to create the illusion of a high ceiling. If neither the second recommendation is not a solution, then considering professionals like Martinez Architecture for building repairs and renovations would give you the best solutions through the process. You should also hang curtain rods closer to the ceiling and pick long flowing drapes to give the room a bigger look. 

Add Pattern with Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Patterned walls can create an upscale feel, but renovating them doesn’t have to be expensive. Peel-and-stick wallpaper tends to be less expensive than the traditional variety, as it makes a great budget-friendly update for your home, and it is easier to work with. You should first try it in a small space, such as an entryway or laundry room, to add major style while on a budget.

Start with a natural color scheme

Natural color schemes usually make you feel calm, clutter-free, and classic. These colors bring high style to rooms; floors, fixtures, and upholstery; and add accessories to introduce bold colors and textures.

Improve Interior Doors

Interior doors don’t have to be boring and solid. Consider replacing your old ones with space-saving pocket doors or sliding barn doors. Not only do they elevate a room style, but they can also be used to create separation within open floors. However, if you want a quick renovation to your doors, you should paint your interior doors a fresh color.

Renew an Old Light Fixture

Switching out an old light fixture for a new one instantly updates the ambiance of your home. You can easily finish the job by yourself, with no electrician needed.


If you have or plan to add an island to your kitchen, consider using tonal contrast. Painting the island in a contrasting color is a simple way to customize your kitchen with color. You can quickly update your kitchen by limiting the shade to the island, and all that while keeping costs low.

Coordinated Finishes

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If you want to give the bathroom or kitchen a sparkly new look, consider coordinating hardware finishes. It is time to replace mismatched accessories with new, coordinated pieces. It is an affordable update that will make your space look modern and luxurious. You should also consider outfitting fixtures with matte black hardware.

Transform with Tile

If you want a beautiful, timeless surface and can deliver a lot of style on a small budget, you should consider transforming with tile. Subway tile is an affordable option for kitchens and baths, so you can be on a budget and still achieve a stunning look. If you have some extra cash, consider introducing a second tile design in a different color or size.

Vinyl siding renovation

If you want your home to be comfortable, attractive, and functional on the inside, consider a renovation on the outside too. When it comes to changing the look of your home, nothing makes a statement quite like vinyl siding.

There are many reasons why vinyl siding is the most popular choice for exterior home renovations. The main reasons why people choose vinyl siding are that it is durable, affordable, and easy on the eyes. Modern vinyl siding can mimic the look of wood shakes, stand up to extreme winds and make a strong architectural statement, and it is extremely energy efficient.


Renovating your home, even with some minor changes, can add value to your property. If you are not ready to make a major investment in remodeling, there are several other small projects you can do throughout your home to create a modern look. These small projects include the inside and the outside too, including vinyl siding. 

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