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Safety Tips for Families at Amusement Parks

— July 20, 2020

The very first step to keeping you and your family from a hapless accident is to follow the rules.

The idea of going to amusement parks can make almost anyone sparkle with excitement. However, as with any activity, too much fun can lead to errors in judgment or carelessness. Unfortunately, even the most innocent misjudgment or minuscule mistake can result in serious injury,—or worse, death.

But there are times too that personal injuries or wrongful deaths may be due to the park’s negligence. It could be a mechanical failure or that the amusement park’s operators or employees did not exercise diligence in ensuring the safety of their guests. In this case, the park should be held liable for personal injury or death. It is advisable then to consult or get the services of amusement park accident lawyers to obtain fair injury compensation.

And, while you can hold the amusement park operator accountable for accidents due to negligence, it is still best to observe caution. Keep you and your family safe by following these safety tips when visiting amusement parks.

Follow Park Rules

The very first step to keeping you and your family from a hapless accident is to follow the rules. This may seem very basic but some people just don’t like adhering to rules while others do not even take the time to read them. However, park rules exist for the plain reason of keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Common sense dictates that you should avoid areas where you don’t belong. Restricted areas aren’t for guests’ use and entertainment for a reason. So, resist entering or hopping fences and man-made barriers.

Pay attention also to safety rules such as height and weight requirements. Lying or cheating your way just to be able to get in a ride can put you in serious trouble. Hence, don’t attempt to force yourself in an attraction if you are not allowed, it’s probably for your best interest. And, never let yourself and your child stand up or remove their safety gear way before the ride is over.

Make Sure Your Child is Supervised as Necessary

This tip doesn’t just apply when going to theme parks. As a parent or a guardian, it is your responsibility to make sure the child is as safe as possible. You need to ensure that the child is supervised as necessary.

It’s crucial to explain to them what the ride is and how they should behave. Since they are minors, you should set a good example to them especially by following the park rules. Moreover, ride next to them as much as possible. And, don’t force them to a ride when they aren’t comfortable to prevent them from panicking or escaping.

Do not forget to bring enough water and food so that they can get replenished as activities in the park can be too draining to them. Make sure they are well hydrated and let them take some rest. Keep your eyes on them and never leave them unsupervised to avoid an unfortunate mishap.

Don’t Ignore Height and Weight Guidelines

All rides in an amusement park have safety rules which include the height and weight requirements. And, you must not ignore these guidelines. Not only to make sure that you fit well for a ride but also because cheating can lead to catastrophic results.

Water Safety

Aerial view of a waterpark
Aerial view of a waterpark; image courtesy of CaptainGG via Wikimedia Commons,

If you are visiting a waterpark or planning to mount a water ride, then take extra caution. Waterparks or water rides are usually fast-moving or will get you soaked or dunked in a pool of water. If you or anyone in your family doesn’t know how to swim or aren’t comfortable with water, then assess first before proceeding.

The power of water can be very dangerous. Make sure to wear a life vest and be ready for sudden splashes. You should also not panic when dropped into the pool but see that you get someone’s attention. For children, do not allow them to ride if they aren’t strong swimmers or are not comfortable enough with water. 

Know the Signs of Injury

If you noticed something odd with your child or anyone in your family, check them and observe. See if there’s a sudden onset of severe headache, disorientation, significant nausea or vomiting, weakness, fatigue, or numbness. Look for the park’s first aid station immediately if you see warning signs of possible injury.

Have an Emergency Escape Plan

In case of a commotion or a distraught crowd or some other scenario, make sure you know the exit and have an emergency escape plan.

Before heading to the park, talk to your family, especially the kids, about what to do when sudden things come up. You should stick together most of the time. And, in case one gets separated, make sure to agree on meeting in an easy-to-see place.

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