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School Bus Accidents: Who Can You Sue?

— February 10, 2023

While it’s true that the bus driver is always responsible for protecting students on the bus, sometimes they lack basic training which can lead to an accident.

Parents around the world rely on school buses for transporting their children to and from school. Since many people consider school buses to be safer vehicles, an accident is the last thing crossing their minds. Unfortunately, accidents can occur at any time, and sometimes, they may end up in fatalities.

If your kid or a loved one has been injured in a school bus crash, you can sue the liable party. In that case, you can hire a qualified attorney to help you receive the compensation you’re worthy of.

Determining Liability

Although you can sue for injuries or damages if you were involved in a school bus accident, determining liability can often be a complex process. That’s why contacting experienced lawyers is crucial to accurately determine who is responsible for the bus crash before filing a claim.

Luckily, you can search for a professional local attorney who knows your state’s laws and regulations regarding bus accidents. For example, if the accident occurred in Cleveland, Ohio, you can reach out to Cleveland Bus Accident Lawyers, so they can assess your case and determine the liable party.

That said, there can be multiple responsible parties you can sue for a school bus accident, including the following:

The Bus Driver

While it’s true that the bus driver is always responsible for protecting students on the bus, sometimes they lack basic training which can lead to an accident. So if the bus driver’s negligence is the main cause of the accident, you can sue them for injuries or damages you experienced with the help of Ohio Bus Accident Lawyers. These attorneys can work toward receiving the compensation you’re eligible for, while you or your kid focuses on recovery.

At the same time, you can also make a complaint to your city’s bus system. For Cleveland, you can report the bus driver’s negligence to the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority – GCRTA, and help prevent similar cases.

The School District

Fresno School Administrator Faces Lawsuit for Assaulting ASD Child
Photo by Quenani Leal from Pexels

Sometimes, the blame is solely on the bus manufacturer and their lack of properly maintaining the vehicle. These manufacturers are responsible for informing the passengers and other people about any defects. If the school bus accident was caused due to these defects, you can sue the bus manufacturer for your damages.

The School Bus Company

Most people are unaware of the fact that buses are owned by private or public companies, which makes it challenging for you to claim them. Usually, these bus companies hire powerful attorneys who’ll try to disregard any claims you might have.

Although these companies are responsible for maintaining the school buses, sometimes they lack in maintenance. Unfortunately, this irresponsibility can be the main cause of the accident, leaving many children or other people with severe injuries.

In that case, you can use the help of Cleveland Accident Lawyers to sue the bus company and hold them liable for the injuries and damages you incurred. Additionally, these lawyers can advise you on what evidence you need to acquire, so you have a strong case against the liable party.

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