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Sean “Diddy” Combs and Son Face Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

— April 5, 2024

A woman has filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against music producer Sean “Diddy” Combs, claiming that the rapper and music producer aided and abetted an assault perpetrated by his son, Christian Combs.

According to FOX News, the lawsuit was filed earlier this week on behalf of plaintiff Grace O’Marcaigh, who worked as a stewardess aboard a charter yacht.

In her complaint, O’Marcaigh claims that she was working aboard a yacht chartered by “Diddy” in 2022, having been told that it would be “a whole family excursion.”

However, O’Marcaigh says that the experience more closely resembled a hardcore, drug-fueled party, which involved a “constant rotation of suspected sex workers.”

Later in the evening, O’Marcaigh was told that Christian Combs—Diddy’s son, and a rapper himself—would be visiting the boat. But when the younger Combs arrived, he was purportedly “heavily intoxicated,” and quickly homed in on O’Marcaigh, paying her special attention and encouraging her to take tequila shots.

O’Marcaigh says that she agreed to take a shot, but soon “suspected” that the drink had been drugged.

Attorneys for the woman maintain that several audio recordings made by Rodney Jones—a music producer who claims to have taped evidence of Sean Combs’ alleged involvement in criminal activities—captured interactions between O’Marcaigh and Christian.

In one exchange, the lawsuit states, O’Marcaigh can be heard refusing Christian Combs’ sexual advances and repeatedly telling him to stop touching her.

“Excuse me, you don’t touch my legs like that. I’ll move my legs where I want to,” O’Marcaigh can be heard saying in a recording reviewed by NBC News. “If I want to do this, then I will. You don’t touch my legs like that.”

Combs then allegedly demanded that O’Marcaigh continue accompanying her.

“I can’t, I have to go down,” O’Marcaigh replied. “I have to go down.”

Later in the evening, Christian asked O’Marcaigh to help him find a place to sleep. She took him to an on-board cinema—only for Combs to immediately begin taking his clothes off.

A gavel. Image via Wikimedia Commons via Flickr/user: Brian Turner. (CCA-BY-2.0).

Combs then allegedly tried to force O’Marcaigh to perform oral sex on him, grabbing her arms with enough force to leave bruises.

“His penis was erect, and he grabbed her arms and was trying to force PLAINTIFF to perform oral sex on him,” the lawsuit claims.

The assault, attorneys say, ended only when another passenger walked into the room.

Although O’Marcaigh said that she reported the alleged assault to the captain of the vessel, he did not believe her story and declined to initiate an investigation.

Five months later, she was informed that her employment had been terminated.

In the half-year after the alleged assault, O’Marcaigh said that her mental health deteriorated and that she suffered anxiety and panic attacks, as well as recurring thoughts of suicide.

Her lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages for the assault and resulting anxiety.

Rodney S. Diggs, an attorney representing O’Marcaigh, said that he hopes his client’s story will inspire other women to come forward.

“I am here to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, and I applaud Grace for being so brave to come forward with her truth,” Diggs said in a statement. “Hopefully her story will inspire others to come forward.”

Both Sean and Christian Combs maintain that the assault never occurred, and suggested that Tyrone Blackburn—another attorney representing O’Marcaigh—has a history of litigating misleading claims against the Combs family.

“We have not seen this woman’s claim,” said Aaron Dyer, a lawyer for both men, “but I’m sure we can’t expect the same kind of manufactured lies we’ve come to expect from Tyrone Blackburn and his clients, just as we saw in Rodney Jones’ lawsuit—which has yet to be served.”


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