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Six Secrets of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

— September 24, 2018

Brand awareness essentially focuses on attracting new clients and retaining existing customers and digital marketing is a great way to do so.

Anyone can come up a new business idea and even bring it to life. However, the real trick comes when formulating and implementing marketing strategies to sustain the existence of a startup. This is especially true when the available funds for running the business are limited. It’s, therefore, not unusual to find novice entrepreneurs wondering out loud whether digital marketing ought to be prioritized. The answer to this question lies in the key objective of every startup, which is to become profitable. This goal cannot be accomplished without driving maximum awareness of the business’s products or services. Brand awareness essentially focuses on attracting new clients and retaining existing customers.

All successful entrepreneurs agree that digital tools are compulsory components for the success of every marketing strategy. Implementing digital tools affords the businessperson the capacity to meaningfully target the right audiences, engage consumers and consequently achieve measurable goals. Appropriate leveraging of digital marketing strategies might even allow a startup to stand up against the big players in the market, including those having boundless spending capacities.

Discussed below are some compelling reasons why every business requires a digital marketing strategy in place for the year 2018.

Effective Management of Resources

Failure to create a marketing strategy might cause a business to spend on ineffective digital tools haphazardly. A well-articulated digital marketing plan allows an entrepreneur to allocate funds efficiently and by the level of impact. Subsequent to observing consumer behavior after interacting with a certain digital tool, a businessperson should be in a good position to only invest in high-performing online campaigns that are capable of maximizing ROI.

For instance, a good marketing strategy can help an entrepreneur to focus on advertising tools that are data-driven and customer-centric. This eliminates the chances of making decisions based merely on assumptions. When it comes to attracting and engaging the modern consumers, marketers cannot afford to err. Targeting potential clients with uninspiring and irrelevant tools will only render these customers unreachable in the future. Conversely, taking time to examine consumer behavior and subsequently mapping out a detailed marketing strategy will go a long way in effectively attracting customers without wasting resources.

Improved Relevance

For a rookie entrepreneur, online marketing might sometime appear like fishing in a vast ocean for an exotic catch. The difference between success and failure is defined in a person’s ability to locate appropriate digital tools and channels for baiting potential customers. A business’s promotion efforts can significantly benefit from a well-outlined digital marketing strategy through improved efficacy in reaching and engaging target audiences.

A businessperson who’s looking to stand apart from their peers requires implementing unique marketing strategies. Coming up with exceptional marketing plans allows a business to make a lasting impression and subsequently stand out from the crowd. For example, an entrepreneur might elect to utilize less print and more inbound marketing coupled with social media in their effort to be unique while remaining relevant in the modern consumer market.

Provides Direction and Enhanced Focus

Companies that don’t have a well-formulated digital marketing approach in place may have a sense of what they want to achieve online, but they are likely to have issues when trying to define essential elements. For instance, they may comprehend the need to get increased web traffic but fail to depict the exact number of visitors they want to attract. They may also want to gain more clients but fail to determine the percentage increase they require and the channels through which they seek to raise the number of their customers. Conversely, creating a well-thought out strategy promptly compels startups to tackle these issues and also help them to formulate effective plans for achieving their goals. Therefore, an effective digital program is significantly dependent on the entrepreneurs defining their target audience and keenly choosing and focusing on channels that can render their marketing goals achievable.

Marketing plan in a planner; image by, via Unsplash.
Marketing plan in a planner; image by, via Unsplash.

Integrating SEO Strategies

Integrating Search Engine Optimization with other digital marketing channels is crucial to the success of a startup business. SEO reaches to potential customers via search engines and also provides answers to their queries through blog posts, which in turn helps in increasing traffic and conversion rates. Apart from driving traffic to a business’s website, SEO also enhances interactions between all the other marketing strategies. For these reasons, start-up owners should ensure that SEO is integrated in the overall digital marketing strategy of their business. This can be achieved through the help of SEO companies who can efficiently optimize both their online and offline channels. In addition, SEO competitive aspects like keyword research provide more benefits especially when combined with social media platforms.

Digital Marketing Gets All Staff Members Onboard

Managers, directors, and the other staff in a company need a well-outlined digital marketing strategy lest they end up projecting their personal goals and priorities. This often results in staff members working cross-purposely without realizing it, something that could be avoided by getting all the staff members on the same page.

Ensuring that every staff member is onboard will go a long way in achieving the goals of the business. Luckily, this can be achieved by merely adhering to a digital marketing plan especially one having well-explained goals coupled with effective methods of reaching them. This plan should resonate well with the company’s marketing priorities as well as having a method of measuring what’s working and what’s not. All the staff members of a company should be able to promote and defend their digital marketing plan and display a united front.

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Limits Duplication and Waste

Most startups operate on restricted budgets thus they can’t afford to waste resources, which is likely to occur in the absence of a digital marketing strategy. For instance, a significant number of large businesses tend to invest in paid-for prospects and retargeting strategies. Most of these companies don’t ensure effective control of their media expenditure and thus end up spending too much money. With a digital marketing strategy in place, small businesses can avoid waste by simply specifying media exclusions. For example, they may exclude an age group that is not fit for a particular product or people who have previously purchased their product.

Another form of waste occurs when companies purchase different software or tools to perform a similar online task. A well-outlined digital marketing strategy might come in handy to help businesses stay organized. This ensures that there’s a shared vision that supports their promotional goals.

Most startups operate on a shoestring budget, which implies that capitalizing on dependable digital marketing strategies is an uphill task. Nonetheless, digital marketing is essential for the effective creation of brand awareness, generation of traffic, sales conversion and customer retention. Besides, a perfectly planned and executed digital marketing campaign can potentially generate massive revenue while at the same time reducing the overall expenses associated with acquiring clients.

Developing a digital marketing scheme need not be an expensive project. A startup should start by establishing concise goals and subsequently implement digital tools within a pre-approved budget. An excellent marketing strategy should be sufficiently flexible to adapt to the evolving trends and audience preferences. The important thing, however, is establishing one in the first place.

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