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Should You Outsource Your Law Firm’s SEO and Content Marketing?

— June 10, 2024

Outsourcing SEO and content marketing for your firm is a great way to save you and your fellow attorneys time.

According to a study done by CallRail, 83% of legal firms hire external marketing firms to do their marketing work. As a legal marketer or managing partner of a law firm, it can be hard to balance all of the marketing demands your firm requires. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the marketing for your law firm, it may be time to start outsourcing some of those efforts.  In this article, we are going to dive into the “why” behind outsourcing parts of your law firm’s marketing function and walk you through some of the main benefits of doing so– specifically when it comes to outsourcing your SEO and content marketing. 

Four Benefits of Outsourcing Your Law Firm’s SEO and Content Marketing 

The benefits are plentiful as to why you should consider outsourcing your law firm’s SEO and content marketing, especially if you are a small or mid-sized firm with a small or no marketing team. Let’s dive into the four main benefits of outsourcing your law firm’s SEO and content marketing now.  

1. Work Closely With Experts 

Marketing is extremely broad and incredibly complex. For example, marketing encompasses such disparate aspects as social media, managing your website, and SEO, just to name a few. All of these focuses are incredibly in-depth, and you could have a dedicated marketing person for each piece of the marketing puzzle. While that is a dream scenario, unfortunately, that is just not feasible for most businesses or law firms. This is where outsourcing comes in. 

Outsourcing for time-consuming and complex marketing tasks such as SEO and content marketing allows you to confide in marketing experts specific to those areas. This allows your firm to have a well-developed SEO and content marketing strategy within your overall marketing plan, and places the success of those strategies in the hands of people who strictly specialize in that area. This helps to improve your chances of long-term success. 

2. Increase the Number of Leads Coming From Your Website

When you focus on building your online presence through SEO and content marketing, you often reap enormous benefits in the form of increased leads that come through your website. We mention SEO and content marketing together because they go hand-in-hand– in fact, you shouldn’t do one without the other. A great SEO strategy involves a content plan and any content marketing efforts should be optimized for search to get the most impact. That impact causes a waterfall effect because you will be getting more people to your website, which increases the amount of leads you are generating, which then impacts your firm’s bottom line by bringing in more business. It’s a win-win!  

3. Cost Effective 

Outsourcing your law firm’s SEO and content marketing efforts is cost-effective in a variety of ways. First of all, it is often more affordable to outsource than to hire a full-time marketing person who has direct experience and proven success in both content marketing and SEO, as that kind of person can be rare to find. Second, it allows you and/or your attorneys to spend their time helping new and existing clients. 

4. Save Time

Businesswoman working at desk; image via Pavel Danilyuk, via
Businesswoman working at desk; image via Pavel Danilyuk, via

As said by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus, “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” As an attorney, time is both precious and limited. Outsourcing SEO and content marketing for your firm is a great way to save you and your fellow attorneys time. Similar to what was mentioned earlier, this allows attorneys to spend their time more efficiently by increasing their billable hours instead of spending their valuable time writing a blog or reworking a service page, as two examples. By outsourcing to a trusted digital marketing agency, such as 9Sail, you can spend your time focusing on being an attorney and you can rest assured that your marketing dollars will be spent effectively to drive you more business so you can continue doing what you do best – being a lawyer. 

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