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Snowmobile or All-Terrain Vehicle Accident Injury Claim – What You Must Know

— January 3, 2020

You are entitled to receive compensation for an injury that you suffered if it was due to negligence of the driver of the snowmobile.

Driving an all-terrain vehicle is a passion for many holidaymakers. And, in the colder places, it is a year-round activity. Also known as ATV (distinct from snowmobile), it is always a fun ride, but sometimes, this fun ride may turn into a nightmare due to accidents that cause injuries.

There are a couple of factors that can cause accidents and consequent injuries when you’re riding. One is speed, which many consider to be a prime factor. Others include lack of experience on the part of the driver and age of the driver. He or she may not be skilled in handling the vehicle due to being underage. Absence of a helmet and a bad condition of the vehicle can be other reasons, too. 

If you get injured in a snowmobile accident, you are eligible to receive compensation for the same. However, you must know the types of accidents that will make you qualify for the compensation, regardless of whether you are approaching a personal injury lawyer in Halifax or any other state.

Snowmobile rider; image by Quihai Gao, via
Snowmobile rider; image by Quihai Gao, via

Accident types eligible for snowmobile accident compensation

  1. An injury that occurs due to the negligence of another snowmobile driver;
  2. Injury to a passenger due to the negligence of the driver;
  3. The accident that occurred due to lack of maintenance of the vehicle;
  4. Injury due to the presence of a defect in the vehicle.

Death due to hypothermia and other causes of injury include injury to the neck, spine, and head.

One of the worst causes of concern is that if injured, you cannot access any medical help promptly. That is because the site of injury is usually at quite a distance from areas where you can find medical help.

What prevents you from claiming compensation?

You are entitled to receive compensation for an injury that you suffered if it was due to negligence of the driver of the snowmobile. However, this is not the case always. Were you turned down when you approached for compensation? And why is it so? Let us find out. 

  1. You will not receive compensation if the driver of the snowmobile or ATV does not have insurance, or the insurance coverage was inadequate.
  2. The other party lacks the desired amount or number of assets that can cover the compensation amount.

Under such circumstances, you will have to find whether or not your insurance coverage can be of any help. In other words, just as you would have done in case of personal injury claim, negligence of the driver has to be proved to be granted compensation for the accident or the injury. 

Seek professional assistance for claiming insurance coverage

It is not an easy task to opt for the DIY-way to claim for compensation. You have to do a lot of running around from post to pillar, which is often not possible and quite an exertion on yourself. As such, you can always hire the services of an attorney that can take care of the situation. 

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