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Some E-bike Batteries Prompt Safety Warning

— April 30, 2024

Some e-bike batteries can be a fire risk, experts warn.

The popularity of e-bikes has exploded in recent years. Once a niche product, much like electric cars, e-bikes have burst into the mainstream and can now be seen on trails and in cities across the country. With the ability to deliver additional pedaling power to assist the bike rider, it is easy to see why these products are so popular – and why their popularity will likely continue to grow in the years ahead. Unfortunately, some of the e-bike batteries that are being used to power these bikes may not be entirely safe. Given the close proximity of the rider to the battery while the bike is in use, any overheating or fire risk should be taken very seriously. Also, when the bike is stored in the house or garage, a battery that may be prone to a fire can present a grave danger. It’s important for all consumers to be aware of the risks they may be facing so they can take the necessary precautions.

The batteries in question are sold on the market as a way to convert a standard bicycle into an e-bike. By adding this battery, along with some other components, bike owners are able to energize their ride and get the boost that comes from a traditional e-bike. It’s an interesting concept, but the concerns that have been raised over these batteries speak to the potential risks that consumers may face.

Some E-bike Batteries Prompt Safety Warning
Photo by Team EVELO from Pexels

The batteries are manufactured by Unit Pack Power, and there are two models that seem to be having trouble – the U004 and U004-1. There have been reports of those batteries overheating or catching fire, and property damage may have been sustained as a result. Specifically, 13 such events have been noted by consumers. The company is not agreeing to recall the batteries, so an official warning has gone out from federal officials. Even if the batteries are currently working properly, consumers are encouraged to stop using the battery to avoid problems in the future, and to have it disposed of properly.

The problems that are being seen with these batteries highlight the potential risks that can be associated with lithium-ion batteries. While there are plenty of safe lithium-ion batteries in use around the world in countless devices, batteries that aren’t manufactured to a high standard of quality can be dangerous. For example, these batteries don’t meet voluntary UL standards. For consumers who are purchasing a lithium-ion battery or a product with such a battery, confirming that battery is made to a high-quality standard is an important step to take.

Most e-bikes and the batteries that they use have shown so far to have an excellent safety track record. That’s not true for all products, however, as has been highlighted above. Consumers who already own an e-bike or who are considering purchasing one in the future should be aware of which products may be dangerous so they can make the right decisions to keep themselves and their families safe.


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