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Sometimes, All You Need is an Ergonomic Push: A Perspective

— November 10, 2021

If you are missing out on ergonomic furniture, then you need to question your wisdom as a company owner.

There was something seriously wrong with Company A those days. It wore a dejected look. Employees hardly interacted with each other. Any observer would have witnessed the palpable gloom that everyone wore on their faces. The slouches, and hunches were growing with time, and it seemed that everyone, including the managers, literally dragged themselves to work. All was not well. One of the managers had been vouching for ergonomic furniture, but the request was overlooked.

Then one fine day, the owner of the company happened to visit a competitor’s office, and what he saw over there left him in deep contemplation. The competitor firm’s office bustled with joy and rejuvenation. He noticed that the workplace was embellished with ergonomic furniture such as desk chairs, sit-and-stand desks, footrests, and armrests, to name a few. It was then when he realized that he was missing the basics of success in the modern corporate world.

Upon returning to his office, he rang up some ergonomic furniture suppliers and asked them to display their desk chairs and standing desks. The quotes he received from three different suppliers were almost the same. So, he consulted his finance team and invested in a wide array of ergonomic furniture for his entire workforce, including himself. It was only a matter of time before Company A’s performance began to improve.

Well, it had to improve, as ergonomic furniture unfurls a plethora of comfort for those who use it. Firstly, it improves your posture, which keeps you in good stead. Secondly, it offers excellent lumbar support, which means that your back and spine are well taken care of. Thirdly, it repeatedly recharges your mind, which makes you feel good, and improves productivity. And finally, it fosters healthy return-on-investment (ROI), and savings on medical-expenses. Ergonomic furniture is the alchemy for sustained growth in modern offices, and its benefits extend to work-from-home (WFH).

How does ergonomic furniture help in work productivity?

  1. The posture of a champion

Can you, or anyone for that matter, sail a rough sea with a hunched back or a slouching walk? That’s why a good posture is the hallmark of a champion. Ergonomic furniture such as standing desks and ergonomic chairs, including desk chairs with wheels, improves your posture as they are adjustable according to different body shapes and sizes. And once your posture is precise, your approach towards work is precise.

  1. The back of a gladiator

Backed by a good back, a gladiator overthrows opponents in the arena. Similarly, the employees of a company need excellent lower back (lumbar) support in-order to deliver with passion. Good backs and fit spines are the major off-takes of ergonomic furniture such as desk chairs and standing desks. You can adjust them so wonderfully well that they appear tailor-made for your body.

  1. The confidence of an adventurer

Without confidence, neither Christopher Columbus nor David Livingstone would have explored virgin territories. Every company is an adventurer and needs to be backed by a confident workforce. And that can only happen once ergonomic furniture is the life and soul of the workplace. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks are a recipe for good mood because they keep your body in a fit and healthy state. And ergonomic furniture looks beautiful as well, which is again a secret to good mood. What benefits most is your productive streak, and you’re able to perform way beyond your expectations. 

  1. The rewards of ROI

Going by the Accounting definition, an asset is any expenditure incurred, the benefit of which is realized in the future. On a similar note, ergonomic furniture seems expensive initially, but, over a period, it gives a healthy ROI in the form of zero replacement costs. And once productivity becomes a norm, the reflections are visible in the company’s balance sheet. The savings become an investment in the form of retained earnings and shareholders’ wealth.

  1. The joys of less medical bills

When everyone’s fit and healthy, there’s hardly any need to visit the hospital on a regular basis. With ergonomic furniture in place, company owners can relish the joys of reduced medical bills and less medical claims. This is again a huge saving, which can be used to reward the employees with perks and incentives. Ergonomic furniture is a gem of an asset that saves more and lets you gain more as well.


Today, Company A is a top performer, and it’s gleefully visible in the office vibe. Commendably, it’s also visible in the balance sheet as well. The employees don’t feel socially withdrawn anymore and nor do the managers moan over lackluster performances. Company A has outgrown its own expectations. It has all been possible due to the ergonomic push.

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