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Spider-Man Is Committing Crimes All Over The World

— June 29, 2017

Spider-Man Is Committing Crimes All Over The World

Who says Colorado Springs police officers were called to a residence on earlier this month to investigate an apparent assault.  When they arrived, they didn’t see the suspect right away.  However, after a few minutes of scouring the area, they were rather surprised to discover he was actually on top of the roof of a nearby building.  Chad Douthit refused to comply when ordered to climb down.  Instead, he hurled a rooftop antenna at a nearby squad car, breaking two of the vehicle’s windows and its light bar, and adding to his list of crimes.
Then, according to the police report, they watched in disbelief as he “maneuvered to a position in which he was clinging to the roof by his hands with his feet dangling about fifteen to twenty feet above the ground.” At that point, unable to move, Douthit finally gave up the fight.  He wasn’t the true Spider-man, after all.
Spider-Man Is Committing Crimes All Over The World
Chad Douthit. Image Courtesy of Colorado Springs Police Department.

Officers were able to grab the suspect, “preventing a fall that would have certainly result in serious bodily injury,” according to the report.  Not very superhero-like.  Douthit was handcuffed and charged with felony criminal mischief for harming one of the cars in addition to a felony menacing charge for the initial report.

Strangely, this isn’t the first time a criminal has attempted to imitate Spider-man in order to carry out their crimes.  Back in 2012, California resident Daniel James Bradley, 22 at the time, dressed as the superhero in an attempt to steal a woman’s purse.  According to officers, the victim, a 24-year-old, had just parked her car when he began staring at her in full garb.  Bradley then walked toward her vehicle and she noticed he was holding a gun underneath his sleeve.  She ran off, yelling for someone to call for help.  At that point, Bradley evidently chickened out and fled.  He dumped the jacket he was wearing and a metal bar in a bush, and ran down the sidewalk still dressed as Spider-man.  A witness identified Bradley, as did the victim.  Hard to miss him committing his crimes in his chosen outfit, really.  He was booked on $65,000 bail.

Spider-Man Is Committing Crimes All Over The World
Image Courtesy of Pix 11

Then, in 2015, a suspect in Georgia went on a bank and store robbing spree dressed as the comic legend.  Instead of climbing on buildings, he was reported fleeing in a four-door hatchback by witnesses. And, just this past April, another individual began robbing banks and pharmacies dressed as Spider-man in New York, seeking both money and prescription drugs and claiming to have planted bombs in order to receive what he came for. The list goes on and on, covering nearly the entire United States and other areas of the world, including Australia, the Czech Republic and Ontario, over the past decade. Spider-man criminals have been spotted in Tennessee, Ohio, Washington and North Carolina.

What is it about Spider-man that it so appealing to criminals?  Perhaps it’s just a trend. Or, perhaps it’s that the costume can cover one’s entire face and body, if in full-blown Spider-man clad.  Or, maybe it’s just cool that Spider-man is so elusive and able to maneuver so stealthily.  Although, Douthit learned the hard way, the average human body isn’t equipped to do the same.  Better to stick with idolizing the superhero by simply watching his movies.


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