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The State of the Healthcare Industry

— March 5, 2020

The healthcare industry has been around for a long time and has revolutionized the way we deal with many diseases, infections, and overall health conditions. The modern-day industry consists of several sectors which fall within the economic system that provides goods and services for treating patients. This way, healthcare is available to nearly everyone in modern society.

At the moment, the healthcare industry in the U.S. alone consists of more than 780,000 companies, and statistics show that one in eight citizens are employed in it. With more than 6,210 registered hospitals, this industry is one of the largest in the world, and it continues to grow every year.

For starters, with the rate the industry is developing at the moment, the most recent new advancements we can expect to see will be as follows:

Electronic medical records

The new electronic medical records are going to make it a lot easier and faster for doctors to exchange opinions about patients.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to increase both performance and productivity by 10-15% in the following years. In addition to this, it will provide an opportunity for human beings and technology to connect, and who knows what type of revolutionizing results this will bring.

Improved service

The many advancements expected to come forward in the next few years are guaranteed to improve the overall service. This is good news for medical experts who give their best to provide their patients with the best experience possible while in the medical room.

If you wish to focus more on the current situation of the healthcare industry, dive deeper into all the details, find out how it works, how much it’s worth, and what type of health advancements and improvements experts are working on for a better future, click on the infographic that follows.

U.S. Healthcare Industry companies, citizens, and salary; graphic courtesy of author.
U.S. Healthcare Industry companies, citizens, and salary; graphic courtesy of author.

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