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Stick Shifts Continue to Foil the Plans of Carjackers

— August 25, 2017

Stick Shifts Continue to Foil the Plans of Carjackers

17-year-old Quinderris Brown of Alabama is under arrest as an adult for first-degree robbery after attempting to steal personal property, including the victim’s vehcile  And, he may have gotten away with it if his plans weren’t foiled by his inability to drive the car.

On August 18th, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call received at around 4:30pm asking them to investigate an armed robbery.  Chief Deputy Randy Christian interviewed the 23-year-old victim who indicated he had been doing door-to-door sales and was sitting in his vehicle getting ready to eat and complete paperwork at the time of the attack.

Stick Shifts Continue to Foil the Plans of Carjackers
Quinderris Brown,
Image Courtesy of (Jefferson County Jail

The victim said an African American male came up to the window and pointed a handgun at him, demanding his tablet, phone and car keys.  The victim did as he was told and handed over the items.  Then, he watched as Brown tried to drive away.  The suspect, however, apparently did not know how to operate a manual transmission, so he eventually gave up, leaving the tablet and keys behind and fleeing on foot, phone in hand.

The victim was able to track the location of his cell and provide deputies with its whereabouts, at a nearby apartment complex.  When they arrived, they questioned Brown and he admitted to the crime.

This isn’t the first time a carjacking was foiled by a manual transmission.  In October of last year, Dustin French was on his way back home from a gas station at around 11pm. When he pulled up to the curb, a Honda Accord veered in behind him.  The passenger got out and flashed a gun at French, demanding he get out and empty his pockets.

He retrieved his keys from his pocket and was told to walk away.  French complied.  “I’m glad I didn’t panic or threaten violence or make any quick moves,” French said. “Kept my wits about me as best as I could. Asked thieves for instructions on what to do to prevent harm to myself.”

Image Courtesy of Boris Stefanik

When he did, there was a strange turn of events.  The suspect jumped back into the Accord and the two sped off.  French said they weren’t able to follow through with their plans because the gunman didn’t know how to drive a stick shift.  His vehicle and anything else he was able to keep in his pockets that evening are still in safe keeping.

Back in March of this year, serial carjacker Damari Wayne of Cleveland, Ohio, was also arrested after his plans failed and his accomplice was unable to drive a manual transmission.  Wayne attempted to coach him to no avail.  As in Brown’s case, the two men got frustrated and made off with the victim’s cell phone instead.  Police were able to track the phone.  Wayne had committed three carjackings over the span of a couple of weeks before being caught.

Moral of the story?  Owning a stick shift may save a car owner from having to walk home. Owning a cell phone may also lead to an arrest.


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