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Suing for Pregnancy Discrimination in Baton Rouge

— November 4, 2021

In order to successfully sue your employer, you’ll need to prove that your pregnancy was the sole reason you were treated differently.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal for any employer to discriminate against workers based on their gender. If you believe that you have been fired, demoted, or denied a raise due to your pregnancy, you can file a lawsuit against your employer thanks to the Civil Rights Act. These acts are examples of gender-based discrimination, and various employers have experienced considerable legal consequences for violating Title VII.

If you wish to take legal action, your first step should be to get in touch with a qualified, experienced attorney in Louisiana who specializes in employment law. These legal professionals know how to hold employers accountable for their civil rights violations, and they can lead you towards a positive outcome. With their help, you can pursue justice and receive a considerable settlement for your damages.

What is Pregnancy Discrimination?

Whenever an employer treats a worker differently based on their pregnancy, they are guilty of pregnancy discrimination. Discrimination can occur even before the individual is hired, as refusing to hire someone based on their pregnancy is illegal. It can also occur during employment. For example, certain assignments and responsibilities can be withheld from the pregnant individual based on their status. Finally, discrimination can also occur at the end of employment if individuals are fired because of their pregnancy.

Proving Discrimination

In order to successfully sue your employer, you’ll need to prove that your pregnancy was the sole reason you were treated differently. Your employer will likely try to claim that they acted because of some other reason, such as your general ineptitude, your tardiness, your misconduct, or another excuse. Your attorney can use a range of effective tactics to prove you were discriminated against due to your pregnancy. For example, they can point out that another woman who wasn’t pregnant was treated very differently, despite having a very similar employment record compared to you.

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An Example of a Pregnancy Lawsuit in Baton Rouge

In 2021, it was reported that a company called Security Associates, Inc. had been sued for $110,000 in Baton Rouge. The lawsuit was brought forth by a uniformed security guard who successfully proved that she was treated unfairly due to her pregnancy. After learning that she was pregnant, the company transferred her to a more strenuous post. After she complained, she was asked to obtain a doctor’s note, which she did. The company then placed her on involuntary leave for more than a month before firing her.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the Baton Rouge area for a qualified, experienced attorney who can help you file a lawsuit against your employer, look no further than Miller, Hampton & Hilgendorf. We specialize in employment law, and we can help you move forward in a confident manner. Pregnant women in this country deserve to be treated just as fairly as any other employee. Book your consultation today, and we can immediately start working on an effective action plan together.

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