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Survey Shows Most Americans Are Preserving Their Plastics

— August 26, 2021

Poll suggests Americans strive to be environmentally friendly when it comes to reusing or recycling plastics.

A new poll shows that most Americans would be preserving their plastic containers to reuse them than tossing them in the trash.  The study asked 2,000 adults about how they handle plastics, and researchers discovered over half (55%) said they’d rather keep plastic containers and other plastic items, rather than throw them away.  The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of CORE Hydration, a company aimed at making sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

Half of survey participants even keep a bag stuffed with plastic bags, preserving grocery bags (for instance) for later use, and 44% say they “have a kitchen drawer with plastic cutlery.”  At the same time “39% have a cabinet full of mismatched Tupperware, and almost one in five have a cabinet storing old jars (18%).”  Reusing plastic bags can cut down on the need for small trash bags and repurposing certain containers may reduce the necessity of purchasing more expensive brands.

Survey Shows Most Americans Are Preserving Their Plastics
Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

In fact, sixty-four percent of respondents said they “never need to buy Tupperware, because they have plenty of other containers they’ve saved.”  Three in five said they “always try to make a conscious effort to repurpose or upcycle items.”  In other words, if these items do not serve a purpose, most Americans are making sure they make it into their recycling bins.  The survey showed participants ask themselves “Can this be recycled?” an average of four times a week.  They even toss things into the bins whether or not they’re sure.

“It’s common to feel that you might not be making a difference by recycling, but it’s important to remember you are,” said a spokesperson for Core Hydration. “Choosing products made with recycled materials is a simple step in the right direction and keeps the plastic within the circular economy.”

The survey asked for examples of how people had been preserving and repurposing items.  One respondent said they were “growing garlic inside cut-off water bottles. “Plastic jugs are also being “reused as pots for plants.”

CORE Hydration bottles that are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic have now hit the shelves of grocery store nationwide.  The CORE Hydration post-consumer recycled plastic bottle features the How2Recycle® label.

“We know that sustainability is top of mind for CORE consumers, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that all CORE Hydration bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic,” said Kelli Freeman, VP Water for Keurig Dr. Pepper. “CORE is committed to a more sustainable future, starting with this transition to recycled materials.  It is the same bottle shape and design consumers have grown to know and love, but in a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly package.”

To keep with CORE’s focus on reducing unneeded waste and products harmful to the environment, the survey was conducted  specifically to see how else plastic may be getting reused.  Whether it’s to grow plants, make crafts, store edibles, fill with ice for coolers or take to kids’ schools, there are many ways in which consumers can be more environmentally mindful.


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