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The Many Benefits of Drinking 100% Orange Juice

— May 10, 2024

Researchers found that food and energy intake was lower in subjects who drank 100% orange juice compared to a less potent alternative.

If it’s possible for a traditional drink to be controversial, orange juice manages to fit that description. While it has been a staple on breakfast tables for generations, there doesn’t seem to be much of a consensus on whether or not orange juice has a place within a healthy diet. On the one hand, it’s full of vitamin C and has plenty of other nutrients when consumed in its pure form. However, it does contain a lot of sugar, and more and more has become known about the negative health impacts of consuming too much sugar. So, is orange juice healthy or not? While there might never be a consensus, some new research points to plenty of benefits that should be considered.

At the heart of this study was the comparison between 100% natural orange juice and a sugar-sweetened orange drink product. While both of these drinks do include relatively high levels of sugar, the impact of that sugar was greater when the sweetened drink was consumed. Those in the study who drank the 100% orange juice showed a lower blood glucose concentration. That’s not to say that the orange juice didn’t have an impact on blood sugar, but it seemed to be a better option than the artificial drink.

The Many Benefits of Drinking 100% Orange Juice
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When looking at results from various studies, it’s always important to note who paid for that study. In this case, the money behind the study came from the Florida Department of Citrus – obviously, that is a group with a vested interest in making sure that orange juice is presented to be as positive and healthy as possible. That doesn’t mean that the entire study should be ignored, of course, but it is important to note, and it should be kept in mind when thinking about how much weight to put on the results.

There is little doubt that orange juice offers some nice health benefits, but it’s a matter of trying to decide whether or not those health advantages are worth the sugar that comes along with them. One strategy can help provide the best of both worlds in some way by thinning out the orange juice with water. That way, there won’t be as much sugar consumed within each glass, but some of those vitamins and fiber that are so positive will still be gained. Once an individual gets used to the taste of the thinned-out orange juice, that might be a good way to enjoy it while cutting back on sugar totals.

Like so many other things, orange juice seems to fall into the category of “everything in moderation.” Drinking large volumes of orange juice day after day would probably be detrimental due to the sugar content that it delivers, but there are many benefits to be enjoyed when a modest amount is consumed. Of course, each individual will need to determine their own plan for eating and drinking, and working closely with a health professional on these important choices is always a good idea.


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