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The Penalty You Face Avoiding Website Accessibility

— July 20, 2021

Ensuring website accessibility is critical when designing a website. It is essential not to appear like you’re discriminating against any particular group. 

Before we go into the topic, it helps to know website accessibility definition. The simplest explanation is a site that everyone can use. By everyone, we mean regular individuals and those who may have some disabilities.  

For the latter it covers individuals with: 

  • Mobility impairment, which could interfere with the use of a mouse. In this way, they cannot navigate your site easily
  • Hearing, cognitive or visual impairment
  • Epilepsy and seizures making them prone to attacks resulting from what you have on your site

Website accessibility examples include ensuring your website has text to audio or vice-versa services. The site must be compatible with programs or devices that improve accessibility. You must also ensure that the screen reader works. 

A Public school in Seattle upgraded its website, however, it resulted in incompatibility with some screen readers. They found themselves in court and had to part with over $750,000 in the end. 

The use of videos or visual aspects can help those who lack motor skills engage with the content.

Look at it this way. When operating a physical store, you would ensure accessibility even for those with special requirements. You would, for example, have a ramp for those in wheelchairs.  You must have the same thought process when setting up a business website.

So, What Does This Mean?

Let’s look at website accessibility best practices. Say you run an online leovegas casino.Regular users will enjoy the colorful graphics, special effects, bonus rounds, and fantastic audio. They can also get bonuses, a large selection of games, and so much more. 

You must ensure that you stick to website accessibility basics so that everyone can enjoy the online games. Flashing lights, for example, can trigger epileptic seizures. So, find out how to deal with this for your online casino. If you don’t, you could find yourself in court fighting a lawsuit. The Bureau of internet accessibility reports that in 2018, aggrieved parties filed over 1,000 lawsuits. Some major players like Amazon and Nike found themselves in trouble for not following website accessibility guidelines.

Benefits of Ensuring Website Accessibility

Image by Nick Morrison, via
Image by Nick Morrison, via

Other than providing legal penalties, there are more benefits to ensuring website accessibility. They include: 

  • Higher customer loyalty because they feel like you value them.
  • Faster growth and expansion by making a website accessible to more people. With excellent customer loyalty also come higher chances of conversions.
  • Savings for the business by not having to deal with website accessibility issues. When you find yourself in court, you could lose the case and end up paying a hefty fine. You also have to deal with legal fees and upgrading your website. The case we have highlighted above of Seattle school should be an excellent example of how expensive it can be. It is better to take proactive steps by ensuring website accessibility from the very beginning.
  • You comply with regulatory requirements such as ADA, WCAG 2.1, and section 508. Flouting such can result in legal issues that could cost you a lot. Different countries have different enforcement regulations in place.  Do your research well so that you comply with the relevant regulations.


Ensuring website accessibility is critical when designing a website.  It is essential not to appear like you’re discriminating against any particular group. 

Some companies that ended up in court may not have even known that they violated the website accessibility guidelines. Do your research well and take proactive measures today.

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