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The Psychology Behind the Most Fulfilling Jobs

— March 10, 2022

Employees want to hold positions that support their lifestyle.

Did you know, during The Great Resignation, over 20 million Americans quit their jobs? With 92% of them claiming that the pandemic made them realize that not only was it time for a career change but that they now wanted a career they are passionate about. 

There are many reasons why people decided to change careers in 2022, but one of the main ones is that current jobseekers want to feel a sense of belonging in their workplace environment. With this in mind, MintLife was able to put together a list of the top fulfilling jobs to explore in 2022 and the psychology behind them.

Jobs in the study include the position of surgeon and CEO. Both of which, while extremely lucrative, do require an extensive amount of education. However, not all fulfilling jobs require higher education, like the position of a police officer or CEO.  

Check out the other most fulfilling jobs in the infographic below.

The Psychology Behind the Most Fulfilling Jobs

LegalReader thanks our friends at Intuit Mint for permission to share this infographic. The original is found here.

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