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Things Car Accident Lawyers Can Do in Tampa to Negotiate a Settlement

— June 16, 2022

It is common for a car insurance company to make low offers early on in the negotiation process to try to end the case quickly and save money.

Tampa, FL – When there is a lawsuit related to a car accident, the case will almost always end with a settlement instead of a trial. This tends to help everyone involved save time and money, and the victim can still receive most or all of the money they will need to pay for their losses from the settlement agreement. Tampa car accident lawyers represent clients during settlement negotiations to try to get as much compensation as they need to cover their losses. 

Because the settlement amount can vary greatly based on a number of different factors, it is important for an accident victim to get help from a lawyer with extensive experience in negotiation. There are attorneys near me who can provide more information about car accident lawsuits in the Tampa area. 

Using the evidence

An attorney for the victim will have to utilize the evidence and information available to try to make a strong case regarding why the defendant driver is responsible. This can include showing things like traffic offenses, distractions from phones and other electronic devices, and information from the accident report. In some cases the defendant is clearly at fault which makes negotiations easier, but Florida’s comparative negligence laws allow even plaintiffs who are partially at fault to collect compensation. 

Timing concerns

Clock face; image by Age Barros, via
Clock face; image by Age Barros, via

It is common for a car insurance company to make low offers early on in the negotiation process to try to end the case quickly and save money. When the first or second offer is accepted, it is possible that the plaintiff can lose large amounts of money by acting too quickly. Experienced Tampa car accident lawyers can have a sense for the strength of their case and they know how to wait for an offer that is favorable and fair. 

Getting the amount necessary to help the client

The plaintiff’s lawyer should be serious about pushing for an amount that will cover most or all of their client’s losses. The victim can ultimately be put in a difficult situation if their lawyer is not aggressive enough in trying to get the defense to agree to this number or at least a comparable amount. 

Car accident lawyers in Florida

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