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Things to Consider While Buying Waterproof Heavy-Duty Tarps

— May 18, 2021

Always try to get the most cost-effective products rather than looking for the cheapest ones.

Heavy-duty tarps are meant for heavy-duty projects, like protecting your home from further damage after a hurricane, etc. So, these must-have some ideal heavy-duty properties too. When you are a fresher getting into the market with a need for a heavy-duty tarp, you may likely be confused with the number of options available out there. Tarps are used for a wide range of applications like household, industrial, commercial, and transportation, etc. You need to know your needs and what you can expect from a heavy-duty tarp to make a realistic selection.

Quality tarps

The quality of the material and features is very important while buying a tarp for heavy-duty projects. More than anything else, these tarps are largely used in outdoor projects as a protective or coverage tool. You may use it as a camping tent or to cover goods transported by road in trucks etc. You can also use it to cover industrial equipment to construction site debris. For all these purposes, it is important to be sure of the quality of the heavy-duty tarp you choose in terms of its materials used, functionality, size, and other features. Here are some important features you should check on heavy-duty tarps.

Thickness – Heavy-duty waterproof tarps are of different thicknesses, which are measured in mils. You can get 5 mil tarps to 30 mil tarps based on your need in hand. Tarps are broadly classified into light-, medium-, and heavy-duty. Check for the thickness grading and choose the right one for your project.

Waterproofing – For outdoor applications, you should consider fully waterproof and weatherproof heavy duty tarps. If you consider tarps like 12-mil polyethylene, these can be highly waterproof to serve your purpose. You can even use these to fix your leaky roofs.

Seen from the air, the word HELP is painted on a ruined roof in Puerto Rico.
Puerto Ricans begging for help after Hurricane Maria. Public domain image by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, via Flickr.

UV protection – While looking for features, it is ideal for checking whether your tarp is UV treated. These types of tarps can block the harmful rays from the sun. You may use these ideally for farming and agricultural projects too. UV-treated tarps are also used as canopy covers, vehicle, and boat covers, etc.

Resisting fire – Some tarps are graded as flame resistant, which will avoid the spreading of fire. These are ideal for camping, repairs, construction projects, etc.

Moisture resistance – It is advisable to consider tarps made of moisture, mold, mildew-resistant materials. For example, if you use your tarp to cover up good you have stored at your garage in damp conditions, moisture-resistant tarps should be used. You will also get fungi-resistant tarps, which will last longer than normal tarps.

Tarps are coming with various price tags. However, do not make cost the primary consideration while buying tarps. Always try to get the most cost-effective products rather than looking for the cheapest ones. You are advised to do thorough research to compare the pricing of different heavy-duty tarp models in light of their features and then shortlist the best choices for you. 

The Internet is the best place for you to do this analysis and identify top-notch products. However, while trying to buy online, always make sure that you deal with only authentic and reliable e-com sellers who deliver what they offer.

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