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Things You Need to Discuss with Police Brutality Lawyers

— September 21, 2022

If you were injured by the police, you need to compile a medical file.

The problem of police brutality has come under intense scrutiny following the death of George Floyd and the massive street protests of 2020. The people that took to the streets of Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities were clamoring for comprehensive police reforms aimed at putting an end to the use of excessive force and other types of misconduct. However, reforms take years to implement and changing mentalities will take even longer. For now, the only thing you can do if you are subjected to abuse at the hands of the police, is to contact the best Wisconsin police brutality lawyers you can find and file a civil complaint. 

The regulations already in place clearly prohibit the use of excessive force. Police officers can use only a reasonable amount of force, proportional to the threat they’re facing. If a civilian they’re trying to apprehend does not pose a threat, the agents should refrain from using violent methods. That’s only in theory. In real life, some officers have no qualms about hitting an unresisting suspect, throwing him to the ground and tasering him. These represent a clear violation of your civil rights, whether you are guilty of some offense or totally innocent. 

If you feel your civil rights were violated during the course of a police action, you need to sit down with a skilled Milwaukee police brutality lawyer and have them review your case.

First of all, your attorney will want to hear your version of the events. Later on, they will check it out against the police report and listen to what the officers involved have to say.

So far, it’s your word against that of a police officer and that won’t be enough in court.

You need evidence to substantiate your claims. 

If you were injured by the police, you need to compile a medical file. Make sure to see a doctor immediately after the incident and clearly explain to them how you were injured. If your lawyers find it necessary, they might refer you to an independent medical expert to assess your injuries. Keep track of all your medical expenses as you’ll need that to calculate the value of the economic damages you deserve.

Next, your police misconduct lawyers will want to talk to eyewitnesses. If possible, try to get the names and contact info of all those that were present when you were abused by the police.

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Even more important than eyewitness testimony are videos of the incident. If the police agents were wearing body cams, your lawyers will file a request to see the recordings. Surveillance camera footage and mobile phone videos can also be used as evidence in court. 

The final step is to decide where to file a complaint. If you file a complaint with the local police they must conduct an internal review into the case. Chances are the internal review will conclude the police officers acted within the law. That’s what usually happens. However, you can also file a civil complaint with a state court and in some cases even with a federal court.

Also, you will have to notify the police department or the local authorities of your intention to seek damages. If you’re filing a claim against a government institution you only have 90-120 days to do that, so don’t hesitate to contact an attorney right away. 

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