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This is Why Halifax is One of the Worst Places to Get a DUI

— October 14, 2022

Penalties for driving under the influence in Virginia can be very severe, and they are among the most serious in the entire United States.

Halifax, VA – Being charged with a DUI is a serious problem. This is a criminal case that can result in fines, jail time, and other consequences such as the loss of employment and driving privileges. The best way for anyone to try to avoid these problems is to get a DUI defense attorney to assist in Halifax, as the lawyer can attempt to have the charges dismissed or present a defense case at trial. For these reasons, it is best to talk with a lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest. 

Virginia DUI laws

Penalties for driving under the influence in Virginia can be very severe, and they are among the most serious in the entire United States. These are set by state law, so they apply to drivers in Halifax and other cities throughout the state. Even for a first offense, there is a $250 minimum fine and the person will lose their driver’s license for at least one year. Having a high blood alcohol concentration can also result in minimum jail sentences of at least five or ten days depending on the severity of the high reading after a chemical test. Those who receive a second DUI conviction will lose their license for three years and face other more serious penalties.  

Law enforcement discretion

Police in Connecticut administer the one leg stand test to a driver after a crash. Photo by Versageek, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0

While the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration is .08 in most states, including Virginia, police in the state also have discretion to arrest someone who is below the legal limit if they believe that the person is intoxicated despite their blood alcohol concentration and it is not safe for them to drive. 

The services of a defense attorney

Because these consequences are so serious, the services of a criminal defense lawyer are recommended for anyone who has been charged. An attorney can start the process of representation as soon as the suspect has been arrested. The lawyer can explain the charges and potential penalties, review the evidence, see if there are issues with the state’s case, and either negotiate a plea deal or go to trial if necessary. For example, it is possible that evidence was collected illegally during the course of the investigation by police. This evidence can be excluded from the state’s case by the defense lawyer and it is not able to be presented at trial. If the lawyer successfully gets evidence removed, the prosecutor may be more likely to lose at trial. 

Finding a DUI attorney in Halifax is a site that lists DUI defense attorneys, as well as attorneys near me in all other states throughout the country. People who need legal help can browse the directory to find a local legal professional and schedule a meeting. 

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