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This Week in Rideshare: Vaccines, Rewards, and Bitcoin

— February 12, 2021

Uber ushers people to Walgreens, we offer a $10,000 reward, and rideshare considers bitcoin. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

Whether it’s free rides for shots, free cash for info, or crypto payments, we’ve got it all right here for you in This Week in Rideshare.

MONDAY 2/8/21

Family Dollar gets some added value. Home Business World explains:

To shop for delivery, Family Dollar customers can visit or download the Instacart app on their mobile device. Then, an Instacart shopper will pick and deliver the order within the customer’s chosen delivery time frame in as little as an hour. Shoppers also can set up deliveries in advance.

TUESDAY 2/9/21

Looks like Uber and Walgreens are teaming up to get people vaccinated. CNET explains:

Uber and Walgreens on Tuesday unveiled a partnership that aims to give people in underserved communities free rides to stores and vaccine clinics hosted by the pharmacy chain.

Study Shows Safe Injection is a Viable Medical Model
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The transportation program with Walgreens will begin in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and El Paso, Texas, and then expand to more cities. It’s part of Uber’s larger commitment to provide up to 10 million free or discounted rides to vaccinations, according to the release.


With the spike in food delivery, Uber announced a financial gain…sorta. Wall Street Journal explains:

The San Francisco-based company on Wednesday reported a net loss of $6.76 billion for 2020, compared with a loss of $8.5 billion the year before. While widespread shelter-in-place orders dealt a blow to Uber’s rides business, its food-delivery arm soared as the same mandates kept people from going to restaurants. Revenue declined 14% year over year to $11.13 billion.

THURSDAY 2/11/21

In response to the increased carjackings in Chicago, we stepped in to offer a $10,000 reward to help catch the carjackers. CBS 2 Chicago reported:

Law firm Legal Rideshare LLC said people who want to cash in on their reward offer must take quick action and report what they know on the same day a carjacking takes place.

Meanwhile, Chicago rideshare drivers have banded together with drivers from the East Coast to create a unified safety push with a petition that went live last week, involving a just-launched platform called IDG Chicago.

FRIDAY 2/12/21

You may soon be able to pay for your Uber ride with Bitcoin. CNBC reported:

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told CNBC on Thursday the company discussed but “quickly dismissed” the idea of buying bitcoin with corporate cash like Telsa.

However, Khosrowshahi said Uber would consider accepting cryptocurrencies as payment.

“Just like we accept all kinds of local currency, we are going to look at cryptocurrency and/or bitcoin in terms of currency to transact,” he said. “That’s good for business. That’s good for our riders and our eaters. That we’ll certainly look at and if there’s a benefit there, if there’s a need there, we’ll do it. We’re just not going to do it as part of a promotion.”

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