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Three Ways That Truckers in Long Beach May Be Negligent

— April 6, 2022

A leading cause of accidents is the use of phones and other devices while driving.

Long Beach, CA – Negligence is an important legal doctrine that is utilized in many civil lawsuits. The basic concept behind negligence is that a person or business who breaches the appropriate standard of care relevant to a situation should be financially responsible for any injuries or property damage that they cause. In the case of accidents involving semi trucks or other commercial vehicles, it is possible that the driver makes a crucial mistake that results in a crash. Victims can require extensive medical treatment, they may not be able to return to work, and other problems caused by the collision can be life changing. 

Long Beach truck accident lawyers are available to meet with anyone in this situation who has questions about how to sue a trucking company. 

Deviations from what a reasonable truck driver should have done

In negligence cases, a crucial issue is whether the defendant acted in accord with what a reasonable person in the same situation should have done. In issues related to driving, this includes taking note of things like the weather, road conditions, and surrounding traffic. The trucker needs to be mindful of all of these things to not make any mistakes and risk an accident. If the driver’s actions are considered unreasonable based on the environment that they were driving in, this is considered negligence

Disobeying traffic laws

Traffic laws exist for the purpose of keeping drivers safe on the roads and decreasing the chances that there will be a collision. All drivers need to obey speed limits, traffic lights, stop signs, make lane changes carefully, and observe any other relevant traffic laws. If there is evidence that the trucker was in violation of any of these laws when they were involved in a collision, this is clear evidence of negligence.

traffic light
traffic light; image courtesy of Didgeman via Pixabay,

California truck accident lawyers can provide more specific details about evidence of negligence and the amount of compensation that will be available to the victim. 

Distracted driving

A leading cause of accidents is the use of phones and other devices while driving. However, distracted driving can technically include other types of distractions such as eating, drinking, or talking to others while operating a vehicle. California has a distracted driving law on the books that makes it illegal to use electronic devices with the hands while operating a motor vehicle. In the case of trucking, the temptation to get distracted is very great, as these commercial drivers must remain on the road for hours at a time each day. 

Additional information about truck crashes in the Long Beach area

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