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Timing and Location are Important in Denver Truck Accident Cases

— March 31, 2022

A lawsuit needs to be brought in the proper venue, otherwise the court does not have jurisdiction to hear the case and it will be dismissed.

Denver, CO – After a person is seriously injured by a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle, they may be focused on their recovery and completing any required medical treatment. However, it is also important for people in this situation to be mindful of the legal process, as this is the best way for them to try to get help paying for their medical costs and other related issues like lost income. While specific advice from local Denver truck accident lawyers is always best, an overview of crucial issues related to the timing and location of the case is helpful to anyone who is considering legal action.  

Why should a truck accident lawsuit be filed in Denver?

A lawsuit needs to be brought in the proper venue, otherwise the court does not have jurisdiction to hear the case and it will be dismissed. In civil cases, the lawsuit is filed in the jurisdiction where the incident happened or where the defendant has their place of business. This means that victims who were injured in the Denver area or those who need to sue a trucking business located in the city will bring their case locally. The attorney starts the case by drafting a document called a complaint that details the accident and why the defendant is at fault, along with a statement asking for relief. This complaint is filed in the proper court and served to the defendant as well.  

Statute of limitations

Clock face; image by Age Barros, via
Clock face; image by Age Barros, via

Every state, including Colorado, has a statute of limitations that details how long a person has to file a civil injury lawsuit for compensation. This time limit applies to truck crash cases and various other types of lawsuits. Colorado has a three year time limit from the date of the accident to bring a case related to any kind of motor vehicle accident. Note that the state is unique in the sense that other personal injury and negligence cases that do not involve motor vehicles only have a two year statute of limitations. While this may seem like a fairly long time, it is best for an accident victim to try to get legal advice as quickly as they can from Colorado truck accident lawyers to avoid the possibility of the statutory time limit running out. 

Reasons to bring the lawsuit

Victims will mainly want to bring a case for financial reasons. Truck accidents tend to result in significant costs, and insurance does not always cover the high costs of healthcare or extended periods of time away from work. 

Denver truck crash lawyers

People who are searching for attorneys near me can use the directory on Anyone who needs assistance from a local lawyer can choose a relevant practice area and their state to get connected with a legal professional. 

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