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Tips for Making the Most of Your Car Accident Claim in Jackson, MS

— November 2, 2022

Don’t worry about how much all the tests may cost as you can recover all your medical expenses when you file your claim. 

Jackson, MS – Mississippi is the most dangerous state to drive in the US. Year after year, Mississippi ranks first for the highest number of traffic accident fatalities – 22.3 deaths per 100,000 residents in 2018, for instance. By comparison, New York had only 4.8 motor vehicle crash fatalities in the same year. Also, thousands of Mississippians are injured in car collisions every year. 

If you were recently injured or you lost someone in a recent crash, you must schedule a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer in Jackson, MS, to see how much your claim is worth and make sure you get all the money you deserve.

Here are a few tips to help you get maximum damages.

Document the crash scene

You won’t be aware of this, but the recovery process starts the moment you catch your breath after the impact and climb out of your damaged car. Under Mississippi law, you must call the police if the accident results in injury, death, or significant property damage. The police report will play a crucial part in your personal injury claim. However, keep in mind that the police will focus on the potential criminal charges arising from the crash. For your part, you’ll have to file a claim against the insurer representing the other driver or file a civil lawsuit to recover damages. 

Since you’re there at the scene you might as well start collecting evidence for your future claim. You must:

  • Take pictures of the crash scene, focusing on the position of the vehicles and the damage to the cars (especially yours)
  • Ask someone to take photos of any visible injuries you may have
  • Write down anything you recall if you were involved in a hit-and-run
  • Take a good look at the other driver to see if they seem intoxicated and make sure to tell the police officer if you see them throwing alcohol containers from the vehicle or hiding them in the trunk
  • Get the names and contact info of all the people who witnessed the crash
  • Get the name of the officer and the department they work for so you can retrieve the accident report as soon as possible. Your Mississippi accident lawyers will need it to start their own investigation.

Do not offer excuses or explanations

Don’t get drawn into an argument with the other driver. Do not say “I’m sorry”, no matter what they tell you. Any sort of apology can be twisted and considered an acknowledgment of blame.

If you get a call from the insurance company representing the other driver, keep it brief. Do not give them any details about what happened and don’t mention anything that might be interpreted as negligence. For instance, don’t say you were just adjusting the AC when the other car slammed into yours, as they may argue you were distracted and reduce your damages under Mississippi’s pure comparative negligence rule.

If they insist on getting a recorded statement from you, tell them they’ll be hearing from your accident lawyers in the coming days.

Get your injuries checked by a doctor

To recover maximum damages, your lawyers will have to prove how badly you were injured in the crash. Don’t try to seem tough and don’t think about the money, either. If your family doctor won’t see you, go to the ER. Tell the doctor everything about the crash, and let them know if you bumped your head during the impact or felt a sharp pain in your back.

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Don’t worry about how much all the tests may cost as you can recover all your medical expenses when you file your claim. 

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