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Tips for Students and Grads Starting a Law Career

— August 10, 2021

Law school is a fun experience, and if you enjoy it, chances are you’ll enjoy the career that comes after.

So you’re about to start law school soon. In that case, you must be worried about a ton of things, such as how much work you have ahead of you, how well you’ll do in school, where you’re going to live, and so on. That said, there’s something else you need to think seriously about, and that is the legal career that you are ultimately preparing for. Whether you’re in your first semester or your last, you can expect a law career to be both challenging and rewarding.

The time will fly by and you’ll soon be in the job market. If you’re just starting out, the bad news is that you don’t have all three years of school to figure out which direction you want your life to take. You have to decide now. If you’re a graduate, then the best time to have made that decision was when you started. The next best time is now.

The way the job search in the legal industry is structured, knowing what you want gives you a huge edge over other candidates who don’t. This article will hopefully help you get there. Below are some valuable tips to help you start your law career in the right gear.

Ask yourself what you want to do with your life

The last thing law school should be is a default choice. You don’t want to pick it because your parents want you to do it, or because you watched that one episode of Law & Order and thought it was cool, or because you think you’ll make a lot of money as a lawyer. We have far too many miserable lawyers on the planet to eagerly add to their ranks.

If you’re not entirely sure that being a lawyer is for you, or you’re sure you want to be a lawyer, but don’t quite know which type of law you want to go into, it’s best to take some time to think about it. Go to paper writing websites and read legal essays. Take a year off before you join school and spend time with people in the industry, whether active lawyers or retired ones. You can even take on a so-called shadow job and volunteer at a lawyer’s office, or the local bar association. This will give you an excellent opportunity to find out what life to look forward to when you’re a lawyer.

You might end up liking it, and your conviction to pursue law will only be strengthened. On the other hand, you might decide that law is simply not for you. Both are good things. You’ll either get to know what you want or you’ll save yourself from student debt while pursuing a degree that ultimately won’t make you feel fulfilled.

Don’t make your life all about school

Law school is quite demanding, and you will need to work very hard to maintain stellar grades. However, if you really want to expand your horizons, don’t ignore the extracurricular activities either. If you can, get some help with school work from a cheap assignment writing service to free up your time. Carve out some time to take part in things that will help you network and learn stuff you wouldn’t normally learn in the classroom.

A good example of this is the student government. Many campuses have one. If yours does, I strongly recommend that you join it. Student governments give law students an excellent opportunity to get used to the process of developing and drafting laws. You will get a feel for how legal procedures work and have some meaningful experience even before you get your first job.

Of course there are other clubs and societies you can check out for the same opportunity to learn. Moot courts, the Model United Nations, and even the Law Society, if there is one, are all well-aligned to your career and will not only teach you a lot, but also help you network.

OKC law school courtroom; image by David Veksler, via Un
OKC law school courtroom; image by David Veksler, via Un

I also recommend you consider activities that aren’t related to law, but are still good for you. Sports, for example, will keep you fit and alert – ready to perform at your best in any situation. Given how intense studies can get, it’s easy to neglect your body while you nourish your mind. But your mind will never perform at its best, without the right body to live in.

Make friends with your professors

Most professors at most schools have office hours, and you should take full advantage of these. They will help you get acquainted with your professors. There are lots of great reasons for this, but the best I can give you is the networking angle. Making friends with your professors can give your career a huge boost. Many of them have connections in the industry, as well as experience. If they don’t help you get a job, they might have invaluable advice on how to succeed as a lawyer.

Apart from hooking students up with potential jobs and internships, professors can also write glowing letters of recommendation for job applications. Such solid references are bound to help you get your foot in the door. From there, your wits and shining personality can take over.

Get your application materials ready early

Don’t wait until the last moment to gather your application materials for the job hunt. I would recommend you start working on your cover letter and resume right from your first semester. You can even have them written for you. Visit to find the best services to do that for you. That way, you can continuously add to and improve them as you gain experience. You will also be constantly at the ready whenever an opportunity arises.

Another thing you should look into is keeping copies of all your transcripts. This is why I recommend gathering your application materials as soon as possible. Every time you get your grades, you make a copy of them and store them with your other materials in a secure folder. That way, you don’t have to scramble to look for your transcripts from 4 years ago (which you probably lost) when you finally send out your applications.

Prepare thoroughly for interviews

When you do get noticed, don’t go into interviews unprepared. For starters, almost any interviewer will ask you why you chose their law firm in particular. You should always be ready with an answer, which means you have to research every law firm before you turn up for the interview. Go online and find out what everyone is saying about that particular law firm. What is the firm saying about itself?

You should also have ready answers for questions like “Why did you go to this particular school?” or “Why did you choose to be a lawyer?” or “What is your greatest weakness?”

You should also be ready with questions of your own. They are interviewing you, but you are also interviewing them.


Law school is a fun experience, and if you enjoy it, chances are you’ll enjoy the career that comes after. Have all the fun you can, but don’t neglect to prepare for the career ahead. Small but sure steps are bound to get you there.

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