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Top 10 Secrets of Criminal Defense Lawyers

— April 27, 2021

While winning or losing is never guaranteed, there are certain tricks of the trade that can help you receive a favorable verdict. 

Being a criminal defense lawyer is a hard job. One has to stand by the client, listen to accusations ranging from homicide to harassment and still develop the best and most potent defense, irrespective of the cruel crime the client may have committed. Although criminal defense lawyers are only doing their jobs, they do not always have the best reputations within society and the community at large. If you find yourself in hot water after receiving a criminal charge, then connect with a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer who is considered the most reputable in handling criminal cases like assault/aggravated assault, domestic violence, drug possession, drug trafficking, fraud crimes, sex crimes, white-collar crimes, etc. 

Criminal defense attorneys adopt several strategies and have a list of secrets that allow them to defend their clients while retaining the balance of justice. Here are the top 10 secrets of criminal defense lawyers. 

  1. Not Letting Emotions Get in the Way 

Most criminal defense attorneys do not let their emotions get involved when handling cases. Whether the person is guilty of committing a horrible crime or not, they still perform their duties and defend their client’s constitutional rights. 

  1. Analyze the Background of Jury Members

Criminal defense attorneys carefully analyze the background of each potential juror. This process is commonly called the art of voir dire. Conducting background research gives them information to use when attempting to have a juror taken off the case. 

  1. Form a Bond With Clients

Most criminal defense attorneys do end up forming a bond with their clients, irrespective of the crime’s intensity. While they do try to keep their emotions in check, feeling fondness towards a client can actually help them better understand the defendant and build a stronger case. 

  1. Careful Observation of the Jury

    Image by Elizabeth Anceno, via
    Image by Elizabeth Anceno, via

The body language of a particular juror can tell an attorney a lot about what his or her next move should be against a certain argument. Observing the jury is something that most criminal defense lawyers do that is often done under the radar. 

  1. Give Makeovers to Clients 

An attorney may discover that his or her client does not know how to dress for court. In many instances, the attorney will give the client a makeover to look courtroom ready. This will help the attorney make the case to the court more effectively.

  1. Stay Close to the Client

Staying close to the client is a way of showing solidarity and support. It is important for the judge and jury to see that a criminal defense attorney and his or her client are in sync with one another and on the same page. 

  1. Do Not Stand When Presenting Arguments 

Criminal defense attorneys almost never stand when presenting an argument unless absolutely necessary. This is in direct conflict with what we often see in television and cinema. 

  1. Challenge Themselves with Tough Cases 

Attorneys get hyped up for cases that seem quite difficult to win. It challenges them to sharpen their skills and come up with creative solutions to challenging legal dilemmas. 

  1. Remain Up-to-Date 

It is common knowledge that attorneys try to block out public opinion when trying a case. However, this is not always true. In many cases, public opinion can greatly impact the proceedings, so it is important to stay informed about the outside world. 

  1. Answer Questions About Illegal Activity 

Many criminal defense attorneys have clients who ask them whether or not they can commit certain crimes. This is an illegal activity. However, it happens all the time. People ask them whether a certain activity is a crime or not and to what extent is the crime punishable under the law. 

Experienced criminal defense lawyers are loyal to their jobs, spending their entire career mastering the skills of advocacy. A true lawyer works in the best interests of his or her client at all times. While winning or losing is never guaranteed, there are certain tricks of the trade that can help you receive a favorable verdict. 

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