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Top 10 Tips for Lawyers to Expand Their Client Base with Video Marketing

— October 27, 2020

With the advent of different social media platforms, people are more exposed to videos than ever before. So, if you want to attract more clients under your law firm, video marketing can be effective in helping you to do so.

Video marketing can help you in many ways. It helps to generate better traffic, finds more leads, and helps to convert more clients. Video marketing can be crucial for any business and profession that you are in. It is also effective in expanding the client base for lawyers.

Yes! It has been observed that video marketing helps to improve SEO and search rankings. It allows a business to enjoy better engagement with the target audience. Video marketing can persuade potential clients towards your law firm as well.

In this blog, we are going to share some really effective tips that focus on getting better results with the help of video marketing. Take a look.

1. Perform Proper Keyword Research

Making videos requires a good amount of effort, costs, and, most importantly, money. That is why before you start making one, it is essential that you do proper research.

You must find your target audience and create a video based on that. Keyword research is also an important part of video creation. It is not only familiar with written content or web pages. They are effective in video marketing also.

For instance, when you type a search term you are interested in finding out on YouTube, you will see that the engine shows a lot of related videos. So, it can be really helpful for your video to pop up in these instances when someone is typing a related keyword. It brings more leads.

2. Invest in Writing a Good Script

Almost 40% of all the videos available on the internet are watched without any sound. But, this should not keep you away from making a good script for the video.

There are thousands of people who may turn off the volume but keep a close eye on the subtitle that appears on the screen. Other than that, the rest 60% of the audience do like listening to the video sound.

When you add a proper script and sound to the video, it helps to engage the audience emotionally. You must include a good script that should have vital talking points. Invest in a good script writer and make sure to address all the key points of the video.

3. Develop Educational Content

Before hiring a lawyer, people show interest in knowing more about the legal matter they are involved in. In this phase, they are not ready to watch a corporate-style company video. A lot of people use videos to learn and gain knowledge. That is why you must upload and create videos that specifically address different legal issues to provide knowledge to the users.

4. High-Quality Videos for Homepage

Most of the top law firms include good videos for their home page. Why? It is simply because a high-quality video can showcase a lot about your firm. They reflect your brand quality and reputation to the interested people.

These videos are intended to help you reach the target audience. They spread a lot of awareness of different legal issues that exist. Home page videos take your brand to the people and persuade them to hire you. So, visit here and see how to use pastel colors to make them interesting.

5. Upload Customer Testimonial Videos

Another category of video that customers want to watch include testimonials. They look for these videos when they are interested in hiring a law firm.

People will be more eager to hire you if your website can show real client experiences. It helps to build a sense of trust and showcases a positive attitude. People feel more comfortable hiring lawyers who went through the same situations as they are in.

6. Conduct Interviews with Lawyers

Another great tip for video content is to conduct interviews with reputed lawyers. A person who is planning to hire a lawyer will be interested to know more about the person.

Online meeting, man in suit giving thumbs up gesture; image by Tumisu, via
Online meeting, man in suit giving thumbs up gesture; image by Tumisu, via

When they hear the lawyer talk and discuss their practice area, it gives them an idea about their experience and skills. People are always interested to know if their lawyers are experienced in their expertise.

7. Create Interesting Vlogs

The best thing about uploading vlogs is that they do not need to be very highly polished. You can easily shoot them with your phone or a simple camera.

Vlogs are raw and real. They are made to offer the people a quick update or information regarding a particular topic. You can highlight courtroom experiences, cases, or any interesting and useful client experience.

8. Publish Your Videos on Many Platforms

In 2020, there is no dearth of social media platforms that people use. To engage more with the audience and attract more clients, you have to publish your videos in many places.

Upload your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. You can also put up advertisements for your website and expand your reach among the audience.

9. Don’t Hesitate to Upload Long Videos

Usually, people are more interested in watching videos that are short and crisp. But, that must not keep you away from making a long video now and then.

Long videos offer more depth and detailed information regarding a topic. So people who are interested to know more about the legal situation they are in will surely watch it. That’s why long videos are useful as well.

10. Use Animations and Visuals

Animations and visuals make your video more attractive and appealing to the audience. In many videos, you can add these elements and make your audience understand a particular topic. It has been observed that people can remember and relate to visuals more. So, don’t forget to hire an animator and add animations.

Final Words 

Video marketing strategy for growth is now a common trend in many fields. People are spending a lot of resources in order to create good and high-quality videos. Check this guide to know more video marketing strategies.

With the advent of different social media platforms, people are more exposed to videos than ever before. So, if you want to attract more clients under your law firm, video marketing can be effective in helping you to do so.

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