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Top 13 Packing Hacks from Professional Moving Helpers

— March 5, 2020

One of the most obvious things is that you better start packing as early as you can, and you will thank yourself later.

This article is dedicated to a very important topic: how to have a super organized smooth move. Everybody knows that moving can be stressful and a little bit (or maybe a lot) chaotic sometimes. Believe us, packing and moving can be tough, but interstate moving specialists are here for you to make it safe, affordable and efficient! So, let us tell you from our experience, the more organized and prepared you are – the better your move will go. We are open to sharing the most useful and helpful tips with you. One of the most obvious things is that you better start packing as early as you can, and you will thank yourself later.

13 best tips and tricks right from our expert in moving:

#1 Tip: Purge, purge and then purge some more. We can’t emphasize this enough, but the more stuff you get rid of, the less money it is going to cost you to move. Start the purge process as soon as possible and be ruthless with things you don’t need or use. Donate or sell. To tell you the truth, you will not regret it.

#2 Tip: Go room-by-room. It is necessary for you not only understand but realize how packing is going on and how much time you have. 

#3 Tip: Pack heavy things in smaller boxes and lighter things in bigger boxes to make it easier to carry. 

#4 Tip: Even if you are hiring moving helpers, make sure you are investing in proper supplies. For example, you better use packing paper instead of bubble wrap for glass. Overestimate how much supplies you need. 

#5 Tip: Right equipment that helps with moving heavy things like a refrigerator. Don’t underestimate the benefit of using sliders just to move furniture around. Invest in some equipment that will help to make your relocation process easier. 

#6 Tip: Measure everything. If you are fortunate enough to know the place you are moving then make sure that your favorite pieces of furniture and home appliances will fit the doorway. Take a measuring tape with you and check carefully.

#7 Tip: Separate the things you are going to need till the last minute. Put these things into special cabinets or drawers (in the bathroom for example) and mark them as “don’t touch”. 

#8 Tip: Specify what you should take with you and what things you can’t move at all. Take your valuables and important documents like security cards or passport with you. Make sure you pack that suitcase up before your moving helpers come to your place to pack. Also, mark it with a note “don’t touch” for them to know. There are some items you are not allowed to bring, they are: some cleaning products, flammable or dangerous while spilling. Check with the movers, sell, give away and get rid of ahead a time.

Suitcase with clothing, camera, laptop; image by Anete Lūsiņa, via
Suitcase with clothing, camera, laptop; image by Anete Lūsiņa, via

#9 Tip: Create an essentials box. Pack a separate overnight bag with important items that you will need and don’t place it into a moving truck. The items you choose to include are clothes for a few days, plus toiletries for you and your family members; personal hygiene products; important documents; laptops and cell phones; expensive jewelry, etc.

#10 Tip: Labeling. Label with what room it’s coming from to what room it’s going to. If you have 4 bedrooms label “1,2,3,4 bedroom” to avoid a mashup. You can also use different color tapes. Mark what is in the box as well. It is much easier to find the necessary things among 20 equal boxes.

#11 Tip: Make a “Parts box” for every room. Put different cables, remote controls, screws from furniture like bed frames in a little bag and place everything into a parts box. That is why it is called a parts box. It is a real lifesaver when it’s time to start assembling. 

#12 Tip: Take pictures of everything. Find a few minutes and take pictures of TV hookups, electronics, serial numbers, and expensive items. 

#13 Tip: Defrost. Empty every gadget that contains water in it. Make sure that you give them time to defrost and drain the water out, and dry out. You can also put some coffee beans inside to avoid an unpleasant smell.

If you have any questions or would like to know more information about moving cost, don’t be shy to contact one of the best moving specialists. Ask for a free moving quote and moving-cost-calculation to make the move as smooth as possible.

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