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Top 8 Lawyer Apps That Provide Easier Access to Legal Help

— October 14, 2020

Advanced technologies such as cloud computing have reduced the burden of carrying papers significantly. 

The app industry is booming at a great pace. With the frantic increase in the use of smart-phones, the demand for apps has increased. 

We rely on applications for carrying out different tasks throughout the day. If you want to develop an android application, you can take the help of an Android app development services provider.

The use of applications is much more than just entertainment. They have marked their entry into different sectors. 

It makes work simpler as well as helps in organizing the work. If you want to do any task virtually, you can do it with the help of an application. 

Want to order food? You have got Zomato. Want a taxi? You have got Ola and Uber. Want to get a checkup? Healthcare applications are there. 

Want to pay bills? You have got fintech applications. Android, as well as iPhone app development, have revolutionized the app industry.

Top Lawyer Apps to Get Easier Access to Legal Help

A lawyer has to do a lot of paperwork. Applications with cloud service can help in keeping an account of paper and making it accessible anywhere. 

Are you one who gets tense when it comes to getting legal help? Well, not anymore. You can take help of below-mentioned lawyer apps to get easier access to legal help:

1. Picture It Settled Lite

This app helps in negotiating with lawyers. It uses statistics and probability science to assess negotiations. 

It displays a graph in which you can see previous offers and on the basis of that, it predicts future offers. Mobile app development company builds user-centric applications.

2. Ask A Lawyer

The Ask A Lawyer application helps you to get in touch with lawyers. You just have to sign up for the application and seek help. 

It gives you the facility to even call the lawyer directly from the app. Sometimes it takes time to get in touch with the lawyer in the same field. 

In such cases, you just need to use the “find a lawyer” feature. Here, you can enter your location and the category. 

Though sometimes it takes time to login or to put in questions. Android app development services help to develop dynamic applications.

3. Disastr

Disastr is one of the best lawyer apps that can help you to get a solution to many legal doubts. It was designed to function on multiple platforms.

A screenshot showing various apps, including Image via Pexels. Public domain.

You can use Disastr on desktop, iOS, and Android. It is quick to respond to legal help. It has a great user interface and works smoothly. 

This app is mainly useful when you have to get solutions to issues in the following sectors:

  • Insurance issues
  • Healthcare
  • Disaster Recovery issues

With so many pros, only cons of Disastr are that you have to give time to select the lawyer as you please. 

Are you thinking of developing a lawyer app? If any issue pops up, you can take the help of lawyer app developers.

4. FastCase

FastCase is the lawyer app that helps you to go through any cases that have happened. With this app, you will be carrying the collection of cases. 

You just have to enter the keyword and the dates between which case was held. The app feeds the case of any state. 

Save it, and if you want to review it again, it will also be present in your current searches. FastCase is one of the best lawyer applications. 

It is available for Android as well as iOS. You can also develop such apps with the help of iPhone app development services.

5. FreshBooks

Advanced technologies such as cloud computing have reduced the burden of carrying papers significantly. 

Now we do not have to limit the work by assigning working hours. You can use this service to go through your data anywhere. 

Freshbook is a cloud accounting software that helps you to manage projects efficiently. Here, you can create error-free professional invoices. 

This app also works as a reminder to keep your payment records safe, to keep track of your finances, and to collaborate. 

Are you thinking of getting such an application developed? You can contact a mobile app development company.

6. Feedly

Feedly is a useful application for lawyers. Lawyers have to go through lots of paperwork. Sometimes, papers might get misplaced or disorganized. 

A lawyer app development company is well versed in the necessities of such apps. It uses next-gen technology such as Artificial Intelligence to prioritize the content. 

You can get your result based on a search of keywords, trends, and more. It uses a research assistant LEO to prioritize it on the basis of your feed. 

You might be wondering how LEO performs tasks so effortlessly and accurately. Well, it uses machine learning and neuro-linguistic programming to carry out the tasks. 

It asks for your feedback, and you can agree or disagree to get the enhanced and apt result.

7. SignMyPad

We are living in a digital world. Every task is reforming by proceeding towards digitalization. Digital work eliminates the need of carrying documents, keeping the data safe forever. 

When it comes to signing a document, digitalization significantly saves our time by cutting down on travel time as well as expenses. 

To use SignMyPad you just have to load the document and sign on the smartphone screen. Lawyer app developers have been developing apps that are useful for lawyers as well as users.

8. BernieSez

This is one of the widely used lawyer apps with the easiest operation. The app is prompt to help and solve your issues. 

To use this app, you just have to upload the photo of your case and you will get the response as soon as possible. 

Many prominent and well-experienced lawyers are registered on this application. You can even go through their profiles and select the best one. 

Once this process is done, the lawyer will evaluate your case and tell you the charge. You can be assured of a lawyer’s service by going through reviews of their previous clients. 

Select the lawyer who best suits you. This application is one of the most transparent and useful lawyer apps.

Wrapping Up

Technology has touched every sphere of our life. Now you have got an understanding of the importance of legal apps in our day-to-day lives. 

Here, we have mentioned the best lawyers’ apps for lawyers as well as users. It is now the best time to develop a lawyer app. If you need any help, you can contact a lawyer app development company.

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