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Top Benefits of Hiring a Tax Lawyer Explained

— July 20, 2022

Responding to the queries or demands made by the IRS can be intimidating, and it is easy to get scared and ignore their letters.

Nobody likes to pay taxes, but unfortunately, it is something you need to do correctly and in time to stave off the eagle-eyed IRS. If you have made a mistake in calculating your tax liability, you are likely to get involved in a tax dispute that can take up a lot of time and effort to resolve. The best way of ensuring you calculate your taxes right, take advantage of all the tax breaks you are eligible for, and protect your money the best in case of disputes raised by the IRS is to hire an experienced tax lawyer. Some of the main benefits of hiring a tax lawyer explained:

Familiarity with the Tax Code

Everyone knows that the IRS tax code is complicated and does not make sense unless you have the training. However, even if you think you can understand it, you will have second thoughts when you learn the laws take up an impressive 1700 pages, and you need to be familiar with all the clauses to apply them correctly to your tax case. Given the sheer complexity of the tax code, it is invariably better for you to hire tax attorneys in Fort Lauderdale who can apply it correctly to your income, leaving you free to focus on your business. Since the tax laws at the federal and state level keep changing, the tax lawyer will also ensure that you do not file your return based on outdated information or inaccurate interpretation of the tax, leading to complications later on.

Assisting the Filing of Returns

Filing the tax returns is an annual exercise that nobody looks forward to because of the complexity and chances of making mistakes. However, by engaging a tax lawyer, you can shift the burden to expert hands. In addition to doing all the paperwork for filing the annual return, the lawyer can also help file late returns or amended returns if the need arises. If you need an extension for filing your return, your lawyer can also assist you to make the request in the proper format. Your tax lawyer will also ensure that proof of income documents are submitted along with your return. According to Forbes, your tax lawyer will determine the optimum tax strategy by analyzing different scenarios.

Intermediation with the IRS

Image by espartgraphic, via
Image by espartgraphic, via

Responding to the queries or demands made by the IRS can be intimidating, and it is easy to get scared and ignore their letters. You may also be unsure how to respond and make mistakes. Rather than give inaccurate information or not get back appropriately to the IRS, your tax lawyer can respond to the phone calls or letters by the IRS, leaving you to focus on running your business.


Your tax attorney can represent you at any meetings called by the IRS, ensure your rights are protected, and not give in to any pressure tactics. He will also advise you on the steps you can and need to take to protect your assets and income from being seized by the IRS. Your tax lawyer is also the best person to advise you on managing your business debt and safeguarding your finances. 

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