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Top Gadgets for Protection During COVID-19 Pandemic

— June 15, 2020

Beating this pandemic isn’t easy. It starts with a mindset “What can I and/or my company do to protect everyone?”

Health protection has changed with the unfolding of COVID-19. Taking vitamins and wearing proper clothes isn’t enough to protect yourself from getting sick. The reality is that people have to follow strict rules like wearing a face mask or sanitizing. 

One of the few still operating businesses – stores – go even further and install protective screens at checkouts. This is one of the means that contributes to following pandemic rules. The major ones are physical distancing, covering the mouth and nose, disinfecting buildings, and washing hands properly. 

Some rules are easy to follow, while others may require special equipment. Here you will learn what gadgets are essential or advisable for protection during COVID-19.

Why Should People Treat Coronavirus Seriously

To realize the significance of proper protection, you must understand what we’re dealing with. In other words, what is a pandemic? The pandemic definition is “an epidemic of disease that has spread across a large region, for example, multiple continents or worldwide, affecting a substantial number of people”. The famous pandemic examples are cholera, influenza, tuberculosis, and some others. 

How does COVID-19 relate to this? The answer is simple. Coronavirus is a fast-spreading disease that currently attacks more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The outbreak is so significant that almost the entire world had to turn to at least some forms of social distancing. Many areas practice strict quarantine, which requires people to not leave their homes.

An illustration of the novel coronavirus, named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), responsible for COVID-19. Image by CDC, via
An illustration of the novel coronavirus, named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), responsible for COVID-19. Image by CDC, via

The reason is that the easiest transmission method is from person-to-person. What is more, there is an infected-with-no-symptoms category that is also a carrying agent. It means that even if a person seems healthy, he can transmit the sickness to others, with a poorer immune system. [Editor’s note: as of publication, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released information stating that the risk of asymptomatic transmission is very rare. We do not advise ignoring the risk, as it seems we’re still learning things about the virus. You should continue taking precautions advised by your local government.]

To decrease the booming spread and protect world citizens, everyone has to make a contribution by following simple pandemic rules. We have already mentioned some of them. The crucial one is the minimization of physical contact. 

If You Want to Change the World, Begin with Yourself

Beating this pandemic isn’t easy. It starts with a mindset “What can I and/or my company do to protect everyone?” For instance, Fortuna Group NYC is delivering sneeze guards around New York and nearby areas for free. This way, the company helps others to follow pandemic rules like “physical distancing” and “covering the mouth and nose”. 

Sneeze guards prevent air cross-contamination; therefore, they guarantee a secure interconnection of two individuals. They are a vital gadget for health protection during the coronavirus. Among other useful tools, you can find the following:

  • Contactless thermometers – allow one to measure the temperature without touching the person. Reduces the risk of transmitting disease.
  • Hands-free door openers – reduce the risk of interconnecting with bacteria/virus on door handles.
  • Sanitizers – are essential for disinfection. We can use them to kill bacteria on surfaces, hands, and personal belongings.
  • Protective masks – cover the mouth and nose, thus minimize air cross-contamination.
  • Air purifiers – clean and disinfect the air. We can use them at home or in stores, offices, or other public places.

How Can Business Owners Protect Employees and Customers?

It’s not a secret that businesses are experiencing hard times now. Some are under lockdown. Others try to adopt remote work. Probably, the majority may experience at least some sort of income decrease.

We can sure understand their difficult situation. However, they mustn’t put people’s lives at risk. On the contrary, entrepreneurs are the ones to set an example. They must enhance social distancing and provide secure working conditions. This includes installing sneeze guards, buying special equipment (gloves, masks, sanitizers). For instance, they can give each employee a pocket case for a disinfectant liquid.

Moreover, they can adjust the business stream to match emerging customers’ needs. This is beneficial for both the business and society. Many have already taken such a path and produce useful gadgets to beat COVID-19. We have mentioned some of them in this article.

Share your opinion on what gadgets are the first to buy? What do you personally use to follow the pandemic rules?

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